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An ordinary day … in Bronze!

or maybe not? Due to the lack of holidays together Jr & I spend our days and weeks together wherever and whenever we can, after the usual daily stuff.

As he’s got his “Jugendschwimmabzeichen Bronze” today (congratulations!!! :)) , we went (yet again) to the swimmingpool. This time it’s to the outdoor pool in Jugenheim (Freibad Jugenheim).

After all the news around the rapture and such, should I be worried if Jr walks over the water? He’s getting too heavy now though, he’s breaking through the watersurface.

Back at home (and while waiting for Jr to get his stuff sorted out) I took this picture of one of the many plants and flowers near our house.

While taking pictures of the beautiful sunset (not affected by the vulcanic ashcloud from the eruption of the Grímsvötn in Iceland) I noticed something strange and big flying by. I first thought it was a hummingbird, but when the thing landed on a bush next to my parkingplace I rushed downstairs to have a closer look.

It was a stag beetle which was rather tired. I showed it to my neighbors before putting it back into the bush, safe from the cats.

With a nice background color from the sunset I could make a last picture from it; the immense front ‘horns’ bright dark-red, almost glowing.


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