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Fishing at the Rhein

Inspired by our bycicletrip The Rheinmonster we decided to come back again to this place.

At a calm place with lots of nice beach, we sat down to enjoy the evening.

The view was as from any other beach; shells, water and trees,

and quite often boats in all varieties.

Some rocks, some sand and some creatures; but best was the beach with the soft sand near the water.

Jr did get to learn some of the ins and outs of fishing and how to handle the rod. I was surprised how far he could throw it into the water; he learned the lower and upper swing fast; as well as the right moment of letting the line go.

A bit more of practicing; watching where to throw and what happens with the line when the current and the wind dunks into it.

And then mom threw the heavy stuff in … just as Jr, chasing the fish away again.

This plate has traveled a long way – it was from Mannheim, more than 35km down south.

And despite not having caught a fish ourselves, we did discover this catfish. Estimated length longer than Jr; weight unknown. We only found the head :)

While we cycled back, we could enjoy the sunset over the river.

And then the best thing: icecream for Jr, made him bouncing around after a great day :)


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