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Autofreie Bergstrasse 2011 – Darmstadt – Heppenheim: B3 closed for all cars.

Autofreie Bergstrasse

Today we joined the long, long queue of people on bikes, inline skates and whatever else on wheels without an engine on the “Autofreie Bergstrasse”. About 4 years ago we were there with horse & kart, but this year we decided to cycle all the way down to Heppenheim.

Supah Size!

With a few stops to get refreshments, shelter from the rain and enjoy the activities along the road we did indeed manage it to Heppenheim and back :)

After our last bike check we cycled over the road to Bickenbach, with a nice view to the south onto the Melibokus.

Entering Bickenbach – 1.8km on our way, so far only going downhill.

And through the nice old center of Bickenbach

towards the end of Bickenbach, next ‘stop’ Alsbach-Haehnlein. It was slowly getting more and more full on the roads.

Exit Bickenbach – Jr was excited and cycled without problems on his bike

Alsbach-Haehnlein – the road from Alsbach to Alsbach-Haehnlein over the B3 in the far distance, and a confused person in his VW Golf trying to get out of the bikescene.

Not only 2 wheels but also 3 and 4 wheels were spotted during our trip. The Melibokus in the background.

Entering the next village: Zwingenberg. Due to roadworks Alsbach wasn’t included in the trip, so one had to take the D-Tour to Zwingenberg.

All of a sudden a heavy rainshower surprised us and we all did seek shelter in the Zwingenberger JET Tankstelle. It’s quite empty here but I guess we were with around 100 people here when it really started to poor down.

yes, when it only just stopped raining (after ca. 10 minutes) we immediately went on, some people however got completely wet because they were missing some essential parts from their bikes.

Only when you cycle by you notice how beautiful the flowers are in the middle lane. This is almost exit Bensheim already, towards Heppenheim, close to the railway station. Cars on one side, bikes on the other. We had a stop here with the police blocking the road for bikes or cars.

Some people on inliners had the guts to let theirselves be pulled by bikes, they were speeding close to 40km/h, but the 2 boys were quickly exhausted.

Then, after some explanation from my side Jr decided to tailgate the german Polizei on their motorbikes, doing around 30 – and so did Jr behind ’em. He chased them for almost 2km until the one in the old (green) outfit asked Jr if he wanted to clamp on and get some speed. Jr thanked and the police took off on their bikes :) Still, we had about 3km done with an average of 28km/h :)

We then went ‘underneath” the winehill/weinberg Steinkopf , known from the winewalk 2011

Once in Heppenheim the clouds looked grey and not very dry, however we were lucky (once again).

One of the many remarkable bikes and other things we ‘ve seen: an electric bike (which was quite noisy)

The “fritz-kola” lady- we already had so much problems overtaking, but with a width from over 1 meter I’m not sure ..

and then all of a sudden we’d reached the end – Jr wanted to go much more down south, but na, let’s go back. 17.5km to go and we needed some reserve

and to prove we were really that much south: Burg Starkenburg : view from the south :)

A 15 minute break – at least for mom, cos Jr went spiraling up through the sky in Heppenheim.

2 ancient buildings in the center of Heppenheim which are normally surrounded by loads of traffic

And ofcourse: Heppenheim == Vettelheim; as Sebastian Vettel is born here – this is the bus of his fanclub.

back to the north again the Bergstrasser Weinberg-Winzer had their stands – not sure what this Heidelberger Brauerei did in between those wineyards.

The view on the famous Kirchberghäuschen and the Rodensteiner Hof from the B3 in the center of Bensheim . Although it goes ‘uphill’ a bit from Heppenheim to Bensheim, Jr had still an incredible speed. I decided to stop here though to get a refreshment and some food.
To my surprise Jr managed to talk to the people at the stands and got himself 2 lemon cakes for the price of 1 – and could get it without the “vouchers” one had to buy. Yeah, well done, jr!

While everyone was sitting for some food there, Jr got up and wanted to have a look what was above the Rodensteiner Hof. We saw a beautiful artificial garden, but that did however instantly give me the ‘french feeling’

It must be the wineyards and he usage of stones which are similar – the climate for today was a bit fresher than expected and a rainshower was just about to roll into Bensheim too.

So sheltering from the rather big amount of rain that came down we were walking around on the Rodenberger Hof

And the big tree in the middle caught our attention, it was hughe, even compared to the building behind it.

The road via Auerbach and Zwingenberg back to our home. Crowded, the temperature did rise a bit and all of a sudden there was a lot of sunshine.

In Zwingenberg we bumped into some typical objects, like this “Bierfiets” (which I didn’t expect to be seen before Fathersday here :)

Roads were more and more getting blocked by people stopping at stands. It’s typical: they cycle somewhere in the middle of the road, unable to overtake ’em – and then they all of a sudden swirls to the exit at the right. I recognize this from driving on the Autobahn.

Where on one side it was completely peaceful and quiet

on the other side there was an ‘open air’ band playing out loud

The view from the Viaduct over the B3 from Alsbach-Haehnlein towards the south (Zwingenberg) and north (Bickenbach)

Ofcourse the Polizei was guarding the entrance roads towards the Bergstrasse closely. Let’s say – even the one that just popped out of the bush and quickly ran back to his position ;)

And just after Bickenbach we went back home- after an almost 40km trip. Jr was happy: 37.45km in 2:34h – a great day with a lot of fun :)


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