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Cycling around Kuehkopf at the Rhine (Kühkopf-Knoblochsaue)

With the beautiful weather holding on it was a good reason to visit the wellknown closeby Kuehkopf again.
It’s not far away from here and there are plenty of parking places to start from.

The interesting bit of the route we’re always taking is that it’s vegetation is so various. In 1829 this slice of the Rhine got cut off so that the water follows the shortcut to the north. The island created by this is called Kühkopf; “Cowhead”:

The Kühkopf is an “artificial” island, as the big loop the Rhine made there was cut off in 1829. The island is nowadays a pr
otected nature conservation area. No cars are allowed on the island, only bikes.

The shape hasn’t change much years until now:

Supah Size

The island is a reservation area for birds and other animals. No cars are allowed on the island – except for some routes to the Forsthaus and to some other areas, but for the landwirtschaft only.

The longest route that one can cycle there is around 17kms. If you cycle the route clock-coutnterwise once can have a rest at the Forsthaus there.The parkingplace we took to start was located above Stockstadt am Rhein, close by at the “Förderverein Hofgut Gunternhausen“.

Once over the bridge on we took the path which went left around the villa, and cycled all the way to the south-east point of the island.

The road we took was no cycle road but one for pedestrians, and sometimes just “cross country”. The great advantage is that you don’t see that many other people and do get to see the beautiful things which are normally hidden from the main road.

Not much later we reached the road which was surrounded by “Wilde Baerlauch”, Ramsons, or wild garlic. Maybe that is the reason of the name of the area is “Knoblauchsaue”. This flower (Allium ursinum) smells really nice if you let your foot go through it while cycling I can tell you .. *ugh*. It does chase the flies and mosquitoes away for a while though.

All of a sudden the dense forest with old trees opened up and we went down onto the fields, with view on the Rhine.

From here on we cycled towards the northwest point of the island, Guntershausen‎. There seems to be a boat here towards the other side, to “Rheinhof”, but we didn’t see any.

We took the path that went past the Informationboard; it first goes straight through the fields and then enters the foreststrip which is next to the water going northeast.
This road also goes by the observation hut, signs are pretty visible and it also contains a map with all the wild birds that live there. We were surrounded by loud singing nightingales; really beautiful singing but invisible brown small birds.

The last bit of the road is pretty good again; it will lead to the Forsthaus Kühkopf with a nice comfy garden outside where one can enjoy the last bits of sunshine.

Or some icecream, or some lovely, very special local strawberrywine (only EU7,- !) :)

After the rest it’s only 2km towards the parkingplace; so quickly through the forest, over the bridge and back onto the parkingplace again.

After this big trip you’ll need a good evening meal, so forget about the “Abendbrot”, thrown the barbie on and get your meat and veggies freshly grilled (by Jr – a bit black ;) !


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