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A great trip was planned for today. Sunny till warm weather was predicted, so we needed to stay close to the water

The roads were dry, the flowers were at the end of their blossom time. Lots of farmers were watering their fields to evade the drought kill their crops.

Not much further away the Rhine with white beaches close to the cool river.

A few of the beautiful wild creatures living here, staring at each other. The buck was so close, about 12 meters away from us. He observed us too just like we did with him and then he decided to jump away to the higher bushes in the distance. Yet again one of those “Rien Poortvliet” moments.

A bit further down the road we could park our bikes on the beach and get a refreshing dive in the cool water.

Collecting stones, to then let them skip over the water, Jrs favorite. All the stones there are very flat and very round, so it’s rather easy to let
them skip and slide over the water.

The most interesting thing is that the river flows, and that the ships that go up can cause quite a disturbance in the

I could happily explain to Jr what a Tsunami looks like, how it starts and what the results are. That they come from different directions is visible in the surprised look in Jrs face.

One moment you stand until your knees in the water, the next 10 seconds all water retracts, and after a short while it comes back with quite some speed and force, most often from a different direction where it came from.

The beach felt very comfortable, some rocks where there, but also many shells. And, yes, the typical waterscooters on the water to add to the sound of the waves.

After a few weeks of no sun Jr decided it was so warm that he should cycle without shirt. It’s warm enough anyway and he can get some tan again.

The road was however long, dry, warm and straight, not our favorite thing.

But our stop in Gernsheim made everything alright.Fresh salad and cool ice (snickers, Jrs favorite after he discovered it) – what else could one wish?

Ok, maybe some ‘blech’ that just happened to show up there. The shirt I’m wearing says “Life is too short to drive small, ugly cars” – and then this lil’ Lambo showed up (the (*Y#Y$# parked underneath the kiddies sandpit from the restaurant, his own fault when he finds his car back with some matt paint on it.

The greatest things from today?
The Dustdevil we ran into – after I had seen one going over the field Jr & I got caught in the next one, a warm swirl around the ears with loads of sand.
The beach with the really white sand and then the “tsunamis” coming over it; it shows how powerful the water is and how fast it moves.
The nice icecream and salad they have at the restaurant in Gernsheim.
Also the amount of km’s Jr has cycled. He said it was much more than he’d cycled before, but he wasn’t tired, but gave him much more energy. He loved it as well which was the most important bit :)


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