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Cycling through early spring

With the spring arriving so early and great weather (22 degrees and above for over a week) there’s nothing better to do than jump on your bike and discover nature around you.

Spring? No, not such kind of spring (dutch for ‘jump’)

On my way I saw some beautiful things in “little Holland” as I call the area.

Yellow Fields
Fields of yellow appeared and made a great contrast against the grey/green background.

Once at the stable, more green and yellow, with a great perspective :)

While getting my breath back I saw I was surrounded by the ladies -some of them close family as you can see :)

Some more sceptical looks from the boys camp

A bit later it was food time – some of us were just too eager to eat; hence the funny darth vader mask and the popping out eyes :)

After having finished the last bits, it was time to go home; had to be home before the sun went down. However, I had to stop at the other “boys” field next door.

They were playing and annoying eachother, it was one fluent movement of brown and red backs dancing through the fields in the low orange sunlight.

Perfectly simultaneous shoulder to shoulder, then rearing up, chasing eachother; biting eachother in the knees and bum, it was one magical wave of jolly happiness that went through the herd of youngsters.

white herronpurple herron
On my way home I just had to stop at the water. Not only a rare white herron, but also a purper herron were fishing in the swamp!!

The reflection of the sunset in the wetlands; time to speed up and get home before it’s dark.

full moonA
And darkness had kicked in on the balcony, a hand shot from my seat outside. Still warm enough to sit there, and it’s only half April!


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