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The horse behind the marathoncart

Today was an end of a close relationship, but the start of a new one as well.

The “Ehepaar” Sam & Kim didn’t know yet at this time what was above their heads.
Yes, you see here why I call Sam “Lucky Luke”: She always has got something in her mouth sticking out like a cigarette.

Nor Muratah or Addi – last one being annoyed by Muratah, trying to hold on to this funny blue thing around what he previously knew as Addi.

After a last good roll in the sand for Jr, the marathoncart was attached to his mom Sam. A girl did come over especially for guiding Muratah, while Sam was the “leader of the pack”.

Jr very happy he’s next to the other Jr –

– where as Sam was guiding us through the dangerous world, of bikes, cars, trucks, motorbikes – and the worst, treetrunks aside the road.

A bit later Sam recognized her “race track” – and went into a slow but steady canter. After she was ready with her bit she stopped twice, looking back to us, asking what we wanted.
“Go on, we’re not there yet!” And so she did. Only telling her, not using any reins, whip or whatsoever. She asks, “her human” understands, replies, and so she responds by going on. She preferred to slowly trot, that makes the 200kg+ weight of the cart a bit less heavy.

Muratah on the other side had difficulties staying aside. He was rather frustrated that he couldn’t go in his explosive canter; he was stopped by the high wall next to him on the left side, and the cart on his right side.

We saw all kinds of new stuff, but Ms Sam up front couldn’t be bothered about it all.

The positive effect being on Muratah that he was interested but not afraid.

After this bit we got another bridge over the Autobahn. Sam had to go into a faster pace to pull the cart with 3 people over it; and Muratah was rather excited about all those cars underneath him, something he’d never experienced before.

However, all went perfect, as mom decided she was going to trot for at least another km until she slowed down to a walk. She had not been here before, but she felt from the atmosphere what this was about. There was something in the air and it wasn’t spring alone.

This to the discomfort of Muratah; he’d be better off with a better condition. His face here tells he’s uncertain where he’s going to; he’s getting tired, wants to go “home”.

Then, as Jr wished, he got the reins in his hand. He’d been asking, begging to do this before, and now he had the chance to do so.

The reins in both hands, to discover how sensible Sam is on her leather bit. Having both reins in 1 hand was difficult as Jr has quite small hands :)

Jr managed to steer us from the left side to the right side of the path; evading going off grid. He realized what great job he and Sam had done and he’s is eager to try another time again with robust, reliable Sam.

It gave Muratah at least some rest to be able to look around him again in a bit better mood. It made him uncertain to go out for such a big trip, not knowing what to expect at the end.

After a short canter Muratah decided to pull in the full brakes; refusing to go along and flimmering some teeth towards us. Sam on the other side was completely in her good mood; wanting to go even faster (again!).

A great view from behind: Horse completely relaxed; head down low; but already aiming at the place she recognized. She wanted to cut through the fields to go in a straight line to the stable. But no, we had to follow the roads first.

And where Sam enjoyed going in a fast pace towards the “end point”, Muratah mumbled again he didn’t like going so fast without knowing where he would be going to. At this point his face is really agitated and he’s telling he doesn’t want to go any further where he’s going to until someone explains him. Or we should just stop and go back.

But then Jr decided to take off and run towards the stable to announce our arrival (if not already seen so). It’s very visible Sam is already looking at the horses in the field; the same way she’d been staring at the place from a far distance.

The moment Sam had been waiting for: Going into the paddock with the soft sand. As you can see, she’s done the 8km trip barehoof, just like Muratah. We were in a slow pace; but still made it within 1:20h. That might explain Muratahs grumpy face, he’s not yet used to longer distances, only small explosive sprints. That’s just what his heritage is; having racing horses in his blood from fathers’ and mothers’ side.

Oh, what a pleasure to roll in the sand, after such a sweaty tour. In the background Muratah is saying hello “Starwind”; a trotting mare (who can do a canter as well ;)

Tidy up time – how many people does it take to pull a cart? It’s over 200kg; and that’s without people on it (also another 150kg on top). But, main thing, we all arrived in good health, happy and warm, excited and surrounded by good friends (although yet unknown).

Meanwhile, at the old place…. Starting with a very small cart ….? :)




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