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Another Earthquake near Darmstadt, a 4.1 this time!

Earthquake, Erdbeben Darmstadt May 17 2014

Another month, another earthquake near Darmstadt. Waiting for the big one now.

Earthquake, Erdbeben Darmstadt May 17 2014

We both registered it differently, Jr. said the ground was rumbling and going up and down for a few seconds, including a low vibrating sound. I thought a truck drove by and went through a bump, then realized that where we were there are no trucks at all.

This is how it sounded like:

Earthquake (Erdbeben): Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany – 17.05.2014 from Mark Paul Abare, Jr. on Vimeo.

About 80 houses were damaged; mainly roofs and chimneys that fell off.

So.. is it the Grube Messel (Messel Pit) Vulcano that’s waking up? Or is it the Supervulcano in Koblenz underneath the Laacher See that is waking up?

Earthquake, Erdbeben Darmstadt May 17 2014
Image courtesy: LGB-RLP

Both of them are along the Rheinland Ridge; which draws a visible line (e.g. in Google Maps) from Oslo, Norway, down south to the Bodensee (Lake Constance) on the borders of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Darmstadt Erdbeben, Earthquake May 17th 2014

Well, one thing is certain: A lot is moving and changing around us with the earth these days.


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