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Typical types of (car) drivers: The businessman / business drivers

Dutch versions of this one and more can be found here:

De zakenman / de zakelijke rijder
The White Van Man
De zondagsrijder
De niet-werkende (huis)vrouw van een goedverdienende (ex-)man.
De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur

Driver Type: The businessman / business drivers



* Often on the road for shorter or longer tracks, visits to customers.
* Mostly male.
* Always under pressure.
* Always too late.
* Irritates himself to most other “stupid road users” and can’t be bothered to keep distance.

Associated Car brands and models:

* Always the latest leasing arrangements.
* Break/Combi in the case of family expansion.
* Dull colors keeping the lease price guaranteed low.

. Germany:
* Porsche
* BMW 5-series with “pushy lights”
* Mercedes Combi
* Audi A6 Avant
* Volkswagen Passat Variant
* Ford S-Max tdci with red last tdci

. The Netherlands
* Alfa Romeo 156 or 159
* Audi A4 Avant
* Volkswagen Passat Variant

* Recognizable by the clothes hook behind the front seats
* Recognizable by the pre-built navigation system and standard integrated handsfreeset.

Description of behaviour :

* Calls handsfree often but is often totally of the planet doing so. In this case the same behavior is shown as exactly those “stupid road users” that irritate him.

* In the case that the new handsfreeset doesn’t quite work yet with the new leasecar (= every 6 months) these businessmen stick a few meters behind trucks on the right lane and remain there until the call has ended.

* Notorious tailgater.

* Stay on the left lane (even if they have the right lane are free).

* Closes gaps so other traffic can not overtake, but ignores braking distances up front. Prompt braking is the result and traffic behind can not stop in time.

* Indicators never works except on the left lane:

* Left indicator is used to indicate that there is a way to overtake on the left emergency lane if only the car driving in front would not keep so much to the left.

* Right indicator is used when driving over 2 lanes at the same time to indicate the car in front that he should be going to the right lane. In case the vehicle ahead is too disturbed and slightly might go to the right lane, the businessman appears immedately in the left mirror to finish off the “pushing to the right-lane”-process.

* In rare cases, the indicators are also used to signal the lane changing; but then from the outer left lane to the exit completely at the right.

* Drive safe? Good view? No, why bother? Time is short, so a peephole is enough. Heating and the wind do the rest. (Gee, same car as above? See a pattern?)

Bad Habits:

* Causes many accidents because they don’t pay attention during phonecalls. Their belief is that “it can not happen.” Having a company car assures a new one promptly in front of the door if needed anyway.

* The Petrol or more likely Dieselconsumption is very high due to unnecessary accelleration promptly followed by fierce braking. Part of the fuel is also consumed by generous use of lightbeams, foglights and indicators.

* Parks everywhere, preferably in reserved parkingspaces.

* Parks more often on “reserved” parkingplaces, fines do not seem to make a difference:

Extra precaution for:

* These drivers like to close the gap in case a slower car on the right lane would indicate he would like to merge into the right line.

In case the slower/older car manages by accident to grab that gab on the left lane he will be rewarded by the business driver with light signals, aggressive pushing, fierce swinging around and accelerate until just behind the slow vehicle. Honking is “not done”, that’s a sign of weakness.

How to get back at them:

* The businessman is usually driving with a navigation system without paying much attention to the road so they are easy to catch once they need to take an exit: they force theirselves onto that exit too early.

* If the businessman indicated with horn, pusing, waving hands and light signals that it was really not appreciated that you tried to overtake the truck (s) in front of you:
– stay on the left lane until you nearly have overtaken the queue of trucks. Now let go of your gas and slowly roll until you could merge – after a few minutes – back into the right lane behind the truck which you overtook when you made your move to the left lane.


Do not steer in immediately behind the truck, but stay a little longer on both lanes and tap the brake a little extra with braking. This way you’ll have a good chance that he’ll ruin his tires instantly on the broken glass from his predecessors on the outer left of the left lane while “overtaking”.

Is due to busy calling too too busy for non-verbal expression. If the driver is calling hands-free but his company car is too slow to close the gaps he can verbally express himself. This is usually done using the middle finger. See the photo above example.

Dutch versions of this one and more can be found here:

De zakenman / de zakelijke rijder
The White Van Man
De zondagsrijder
De niet-werkende (huis)vrouw van een goedverdienende (ex-)man.
De overwerkte vrachtwagenchauffeur




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