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Supermoon and spotty sun

A few spontaneous events happened to me this month. Completely unplanned, but being at the right place at the right time, and I happened to have a camera with me :)

Sunspot 1166

First of all there was the “spotted sun” taken on March 8th 2011:
Sunspot 1166 was very visible on pictures I took from a beautiful sunset that 3 generations of my family witnessed here on our favorite hill.
It launched an X1.5 class flare not long after, which however only reached the earth partially as most blew away in other directions.


And then; the Supermoon that appeared big and orange above the horizon on March 19th 2011. Closer by than never before in the past 18 years, plus the optical effect when it’s close to the horizon made it a huge moon. From the location I was at at that time I had no clue where I could expect the moon, except “somewhere above the Odenwald”.
When it then finally rose, it happened to appear just behind the tower of the Melibokus. From all places it could appear, this was honestly the best one hoped for (but never expected!)




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