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Bergsträßer Weinlagenwanderung / Winewalk 2014

What started as a small “social media” experiment ended up in something I can’t believe the numbers from yet.

A while ago I created an event, Bergsträßer Weinlagenwanderung / Winewalk on facebook, and before I knew it, it hit 1000 participants.

Now, a few days before the event, the counter goes up to 1638 going, 3222 informed, and another 1352 invited. Declined is 168, and Maybe is 232.

Hosts is one, and that’s me :)

Also the comments are coming in slowly:
“Eine Überdimensionale Wandergruppe trinkt die Bergstraße leer!!! Wird Super!”

In case you want to join, just come along. Information can be found on facebook: Bergsträßer Weinlagenwanderung / Winewalk

Eine Wanderung durch das Weinanbaugebiet “Hessische Bergstraße” zwischen Heppenheim und Zwingenberg. Entlang der 21 km langen Strecke werden an acht Ständen Spezialitäten von 14 Bergsträßer Einzellagen zum Probieren angeboten. Ein Buspendelverkehr sorgt für den Rücktransfer an die Ausgangsstelle.
In a few days, on the first of May every year, the Wine walk in the German Bergstrasse will take place. It is a public event for young and old to walk through the grapefields from Heppenheim in the south to Zwingenberg in the north, and have a sip of grapejuice on the way.


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and a jpeg for the less geekie ones:

Impressions of previous years can be found here:

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2012 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2011 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)



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