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Spring must be in the air or so, blinding people?

Yesterday, some @#(&%Y tried to overtake over the pavement me while I was reversing into my carport (and thus blocking the street to stop people from doing so). So when I hit my brakes (because you have to stop when you do a special maneuver, he nearly tipped my cars nose off. Jr said the man was waving strangely with his hands. I guess I must have made him a bit nervous from his stupid action.

Today, some @(#&Y&Y in a Mercedes Van had to hit her brakes till the tires screamed behind me and nearly hit me.
At least I did see the 2 police cars and the 3 policemen at the Autobahn exit, including the policeman who stood in the middle of the road. She didn’t. She got lucky she didn’t get fined, cos even I could hear the policeman shouting at her (yes, this is Germany, you hear such things through closed windows. The policeman being on site also stopped me from stepping out at the trafficlight to question her loony driving behaviour :P


Spring must be in the air or so, blinding people? Slightly overheated by the bit of sun? Blinded by the sun when it sets or rises? People being too late for an appointment “because it is still light outside”?

I’m off in driving even more defensive as before. Put on “Hier kommt die Sonne” real loud on my cars audioset.



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