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Bridge to the other side

While it was trying to snow today, Jr & I have done something we’ve not done before. We were both going to ride, together!

Both secured and packed in warm we went on our way.

While I was riding a friends’ mix between a German Warmblood and Dutch Friesian gelding Kim, Jr rode Sam, my Russian Arab mare. The two know each other well and they really like eachother. They’re almost like a married couple :)

Once in the forest (with warnings for wild bores and snakes, oh joy) the wind was a lot less cold. It was still snowing and there were lots of muddy puddles and trees on the path though.

A very concentrated face, because we were looking for the bridge over the Autobahn we couldn’t find. Oh well, we saw some 20 deer instead :) But it was annoying we couldn’t find it; it took us almost 45 minutes extra to get there where we wanted to.

Normally horses (and humans) get pretty excited when they’ve got to cross the Autobahn. These 2 however are veterans when it comes to that. Both were ultimately relaxed while the cars, including a noisy Porsche and many trucks raced underneath us with speeds above 100km/h.

They were after the crossing exactly like before the crossing. Not moved at all. Fantastic and so relaxing :)

So Jr is very concentrated to see where we were going to, but there were so many roads that crossed that we kind of lost track. First time we all were here anyway.

So then the great thing for Jr – and Sam as well, since all went more than fine. Jr went on his own on Sam, and decided where he was going to and how fast he was doing that. The 2 slowly started to have overcome the few discussions they had, and became more comfortable with eachother.

So just like in (real) life, if you can let go and it goes OK, then you know you’ve done something right. Not that there would be much chance to go elsewhere on the track we were following, but still :)

And then Sam recognized where she was and she was even taking the lead there :) Jr was chatting out loud and singing as well, and Sam felt so well she walked in a good pace with her head low, relaxed and confident, just like Jr.

Sams first thing, after the barebackpad and the halter were off: roll, roll, and roll again. She loves it.

After having warmed up Jr went home with friends and I rode Sam, with Kim as “Handheld”. It was getting dark quite fast, and we’ve had quite a good pace on the way back, almost 11km/h.

I also noticed that the big gentle giants trotting gait was the same as “little” Sams gait. They trotted in the same speed, with the same trot. It’s amazing because Sam had to carry me, but managed the same long trot distance as Kim, who’s legs are a lot longer.

And then the interesting thing: Kim was tired, and Sam just started to speed up in trotting. She wanted to go even for a canter (and I know she does that for a few km’s until she decides she’s had enough of that. Kim however stopped and said he wanted to go ‘back home’. However he seemed rather confused in the dark to really know where ‘back’ was. With Sam walking with her nose close above the ground, watching every step she made but also smelling where they’ve been before, we quickly found our way back home.

Just before we were back at the stable we noticed some green eyes staring at us from the trees. It was a little marder (famous for chewing on car cables) that wasn’t sure about the light that was going in his direction and made his presence known by the scratching noises from his nails in the tree he was climbing in to hide. Too bad his eyes light up as 2 bright green dots.

A great day, only the weather and the navi could have been a bit better. However; we all got there where we wanted to and had a great experience all together. And isn’t that what life is about? Doing things together, experimenting and a bit of adventure in it as well? Jr is now making plans to become and indian (or a knight; depends what comes first ;)



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