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Tour de Melibokus

What a happy surprise today. We made it, we all made it! Climbed the Melibokus (open in Google Earth), a hill here in the neighbourhood which is very visible when coming from the North (Frankfurt). It’s 517m high and on both sides there are two fortresses, Schloss Alsbach and Schloss Auerbach.

So.. what did we do? We (3 girls, 3 horses) gathered together at 10:15, grabbed the horses and headed east, direction Schloss Alsbach, for a daytrip horseriding. When leaving the village Alsbach behind, we looked for a shortcut to climb the hill. We did find two, one having stairs which the other horses were not trained for unfortunalely. A bit further we did find one, but this was such a steep hill that my horse Sam needed to drag the girls uphill, while I guided the other two horses up. From there on, we followed some more paved roads, and after a short while we were already at the Schloss. There we had some very welcome refreshments (thanks!).

We continued our trip on a very nice road, going steep but steady. After (only!) 50 minutes we reached our final destination.
The nice view was not really appreciated by all of us. After an icecream and lots of drinking we played with gravity, going downhill was way more of a pleasure. A pity that not everywhere on the road there is such a nice view, this one is taken just above Alsbach. Another very welcome surprise was waiting for us in a garden. Water and fruit for the horses, after they were placed well and as safe as possible. And then we got something to eat as well. The horses did take care of each other.

After this nice meal we mounted for the last piece of the trip, where we met our friends. At 16:00 we were back again, where the horses did go for a rock and roll session


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