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Winter Wonderland at the Neunkirchner Höhe!

Today was fantastic, just fantastic :D

Winter has arrived!. The snow already started last Thursday and Friday (the bigger part)

and the road to work was even more beautiful with the first snow.

For all those dutchies living in the cold, wet windy parts near the coast: We had today our first big great sledging! As we live about 15 minutes driving from the highest bit of the Hessische Odenwald (600m) which is 400m higher than we live, we have an almost certain winter-landscape-warranty, see last years blogentry Sledging at the Neunkirchener Höhe, Odenwald

However, if some @#(&Y garage has put your wheels on with more than the standard 110nM it’s a pain to get your summertires changed to wintertires. But, some people just appear at the right time at the right place and so I could change my summertires for wintertires this weekend. We celebrated this like every year with the first tour to the Odenwald, just to see if the wintertires won’t fall of.

We, quattros, made the top. The rest had to park further downhill ;)

To our big bliss also the first snow had fallen end of last week, which we also celebrate every year by a tour to the Neunkirchen Hoehe. We put these 2 together and were witness of a beautiful quiet place, all covered in white.

Just a little warning when you want to come our direction:
“Wer gegen die Winterreifenpflicht verstößt, muss in Europa im Extremfall bis zu 5000 Euro Bußgeld zahlen” which means as much as wintertires obligationary or you’ve got to pay a big amount of penalty! This all starts tomorrow, Monday 29th, so you better think twice before you come this way ;)

We first went to the big slope, next to the outside parking place for the panorama. It is a nice long run downhill, however, you also need to walk all the way back up again. Unfortunately they’ve taken the Skilift out of order last year, so with the great winter last year and this year we had to walk back up again.

It is a nice long but bumpy ride downhill though. The farmer has been so nice to put a “block” of old heystacks down the slope so the landing is soft if you happen to go too fast.

After a few rides and walking uphill again Jr was out of breath and didn’t want to go anymore. However, we went for “just one more last time”… and that’s when we discovered the road underneath the slope!

It was a road that went from the village down in the hills, covered in frozen ice. It was bendy. It was not that steep. And it was fast!

A real winter wonderland appeared in front of us! There were not that many people around there, just a few kids with their parents.

First try going downhill, getting to know the “road”, snow and curves (great sledge btw @ 0:49!)

And the second ride – having a great laugh about Jr making silly sounds and noises
(lenken == steer; bremsen == brake!)
– note the snowball he keeps on holding in his hand, ready for a snowfight to start :)

After the rides we went back uphill and saw some of the beautiful little houses up there. Jr only saw the snow on the cars :) It seems that all streets up there have one name: “Neunkirchen” :)

And after all that cold business we warmed ourselves up at the Hoehenhaus Odenwald with warm drinks and some food, to finish off the great weekend!


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