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Floating around – a great “swimming” pool!

Not far away from here there’s an absolute marvelous swimmingpool. The prices aren’t that cheap, but there’s a lot you get in return. The swimmingpool-area consists of 4 separate parts:

1) The normal swimmingpool
2) The Thermen
3) The Saunas
4) The Lake
5) The Restaurant/Bar

You can buy a “4 hour ticket”, a “day ticket” for a few Euros more, or an “evening ticket” for a bit less. The normal swimmingpool is default, you can upgrade with #2 and #3 for a few Euros more again. I’m not sure about the entrance to the lake, but that must be a summer only-something. For the Sauna it should be open 365 days per year I’ve heard.
They’re opened from 9:00/9:30 till 22:00-24:00 during the weeks.

1) The normal swimmingpool

Very interesting, the pools don’t have that typical smell. They are kept as clean as possible without the usual usage of chlorine. It’s a bit less problematic for the eyes, and the whole hall doesn’t smell so nasty.

The complex not only has got the usual swimmingpool inside with a few fast and fun slides, but it has got a few monstrous slides outside as well. One of them I respectfully call the cameltoe slide as you go straight down a black pipe and have no clue where or when you’ll end your freefall. All you hear when you’ve walked up those 4 stairs are screaming people – the last thing you hear from people going in that particular slide. The other slide is a slow but fun one, with a fast ending, great for kids.

The less big slides are at the side, where you can go down next to eachother; or disappear in a black hole, “the pirate”. Make sure you keep your feet stretched at the end or you’ll end against the wooden board at the end. The good thing is that you can splash any spectators completely wet when you succeed until the bottom and stretch at the right moment :)

The main pool also has got great waves every half an hour. You can get red tires to float on (the blue ones are for the slides only). Some are brave and try to sit on the floating boat they’ve got in the middle of the pool.

In the winter time there is twice an evening a Lasershow with music and smoke, which you can enjoy from the poolbar, or from within the water. With the water sprayed through the area the lasershow becomes completely 3D and it’s a pleasure to be in the middle of.

The better parts are however the swimmingpools outside. One big one has got a fast streaming circle, where you are floating around in circles. There are a few ‘rest’ area’s, a place for the kids to play outside, and an door towards the lake.

On the other side there’s a “Mineral Cave” – with minerals attached to the walls of the small outside pools (3 separate whirlpools) which are lit in all kinds of colors in the night. It’s warm, however the sprint from the door to the pool is very cold. It’s great once you’ve got a a decent place.

2) The Thermen

The greatest bit of the whole poolcomplex are the Thermen. They are warm, saltwater bathes. The following extra’s are available via the Thermen:

* Amethistbath, 34 degrees
* Rosequartzpool, 36 degrees
* Outside pool, 36 degrees
* Salt relax area
* Relax area with fireplace
Also the massage areas are in this Thermencomplex.

This is my absolute favorite spot, as there’s nothing better than floating around in the salt water during the night, seeing the stars, milkyway, planets and the moon rise over the Odenwald.
The pool outside has got a few areas where one can “lay down” in the whirlpool. It also has got a hughe crystal which is lit by colorful LEDs and changes colors.

3) The Saunas
Haven’t done that one yet, but the complex seems huge, including another massage area, and access to the lake as well.

4) The Lake
Seems open during the summertime for all levels, but the wristbands differs for the levels where you’re allowed back in to. I’ve seen sailingboats as well on the lake, so it must be “open” to others as well. I can’t say anything about the swimming conditions, but it’s at least big enough to spend some time in there. The ‘beach’ is surrounded with a huge grassfield, with some trees.

5) The Restaurant/Bar

The restaurant serves the typical “take away german food”, which varies from warm food till bread and saucages. It tastes like “mass production” and therefor I prefer to take my own meals to the pool. You’re (only) allowed to eat these at the restaurant area though. An exception has got to be made for the fresh saladebar. They’re fresh, tasty and the portions are OK for the prices.
At the bar (“Here is where the bikinigirls are”) are usually a few grumpy girls, and a big queue of people waiting. The best, fastest order is if you sit and eat at the bar itself. They have reasonable (alcoholfree) coctails for a tasty price as well.

If you have got kid(s), in this place you can easily “lose” them for a few hours, as they’re happily running around from one pool to the other, going down several slides and have fun in the waves. Even worse, you can’t keep them half an hour on the side to “stay quiet”, they want to go in and play, swim, slide and rock the waves.

If you’re there with kids, I strongly recommend *not* to go there on a Saturday and Tuesday evening after resp. 19:00 and 18:00 – naturism starts at those times, and you’ve got to get rid of your bit of textile as well! It could leave you with some questions – or a good reason to leave ASAP ;) If you don’t have a problem with it: it’s great that this swimmingpool offers this option for their guests during the ‘main hours’.

Summarizing is that the earlier you get there, the more worth for value you get, and the more relaxed you are when you’re going back home. Their quote “Holidayparadise” is true :)


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