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*** SC/PAM *** I get money! (?)

Not long ago I got the email below. Apperantly I have family far, far away, and I seem to be the last person alive from that family. Right, like I believe that and send in my details?

Ok, I’m a bit of a freak, I can e.g. tell from watching the headers in a mail that has been sent, from what computers mail has been sent, at what time and date, also with what kind of mailprogram. But that’s just me. There are so many others people that have not even a clue what they do. Worse, what problems they cause others by not knowing what they do. Never mind their details that are being spread all over the internet. Telephone numbers, bankaccountnumbers are a nice to have to some. But ever thought about your full name and your date of birth, if only as harmless as on a forum about your favorite subject?

In my humble opinion, there should be some “drivers license”, some awareness about the dangers with people before they go online. But these days, almost everyone has got an own phonenumber, almost all phones have internet access, and almost everyone can go online. They are the biggest threat to the online community, endanger your PC’s security, they are the biggest source of viruses and worms being spread.

Here we go (and don’t ask me what number I have sent back to that guy ;)

Subject: [my full first and last name]
From: Johannes B Magwaza
To: [spam address]

Dear [bit of last name]

Complement of the day to you! I am working with a South African Financial Institution, I apologize for reaching you in this manner, it may seem unethical, with a matter of great importance. I am Account/Portfolio Manager to one Mr. A. C. [bit of last name],who was a client here in the institution where I work. About three years ago, he was involved in a fatal accident and died.

We have tried on several occasions over these years to find a surviving next of kin or relative but it was unsuccessful. I decided to make an independent search with the last name to locate any possible member of his family to help repatriate US$ 11.8Milion (American Dollars) deposited in our institution before it is declared unserviceable or taken over by the government. The Institution has already notified me, as portfolio manager to the deceased on this matter, and also given me a deadline.

I have been unable to find a next of kin; therefore I am contacting you as a possible next of kin, because you both share the same last name, to assist repatriate this funds, by presenting you as next of kin before it gets confiscated by the government. We stand to gain a lot. I have all the necessary information, legal documents and the official capability within the institution needed to back you up for claim and to make this a success.

All I need from you is an understanding between us on confidentiality and total commitment to make this a success and all will be done legally to protect all of us involved, from any breach of law. Do kindly send your contact telephone number and I will call you to discuss further.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Johannes B. Magwaza


So yes, this Mr Johannes B. Magwaza seems to be existing.

Funny that he has got a hotmail address?
And why are there no corporate headquarter details?

And if he is really “is a veteran corporate executive and a respected Director”, why doesn’t he then have a secretary that writes these mails for him?

Ever thought of having a signature under such an ‘important’ letter? I would prefer to see the snailmail version :)

Just some food for the brains – it’s better to have seen one of these scam mails and not to find out about them afterwards :)

Be warned ;)



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