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man nicole ?

No – it’s not what you think it is ;)

It’s a manual someone has written “about me” a few years ago (8 to be precise ;)
The layout used is the unix “man page”.
If you are on a unix system and you type man [command] then the manual will appear from that specific command. It still makes me giggle when I read this ;) Nothing has changed even :P

NICOLE(1) Nerd Lifeforms NICOLE(1)


nicole [-c] [-f] [-h] [-s] [/path/to/pancake]

Recently located specimen, previous existence only proven theoretically. This process has several specific capabilities

-c provide control stream for car(1) process
This option may cause other pocesses using an instance of car(1) to receive many signals

-f fork off child process class kiddo(2)
Unclear how this function works. Seems related to man(1) process

-h interact with horse(1) process
This option allows process to interact with horse(1) process. Nicole(1) will try to control horse(1), but is not always succesful

-s scare other processes of class nerd(2)
Use this option with care. May cause other nerd(2) processes to behave erratically

pancakes - file used by nicole(1) process for unknown reason. Contents of 'pancake' file does not seem to follow specific syntax

Can cause other processes and equipment to suddenly stop working. Other nerd(2) processes will send SIGYOUBROKEIT signal in this case.

kiddo(2), nerd(2), horse(1), car(1)



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