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After a long, long time waiting it was finally time for the event of the year! We were going on vacation, with our friends.
Our destination was Austria, in the north-middle bit, not yet into the deep Alps, as already described in a previous blogposting “Things to do when going on a holiday“.
The only thing which did not work out well was the weather. We had loads of rain and even the temperature dropped. We were for the second half however covered and warm as we did rent an apartment.

The following story I’ve written with my Jr. from his perspective. He’s fluent in English so he had a tough time correcting the way I wrote things ;) So, Story by Jr, pictures and movies by me :)

Here’s a listing of the blogentries, per day:

01.08.2010: Those are dark clouds far, far away!
02.08.2010: Are you a freak too?
03.08.2010: Yes, you can!
04.08.2010: A kiss from a cow
05.08.2010: Say CHEESE!
06.08.2010: Offroad
07.08.2010: All Silver, all mine!
08.08.2010: Circle of Rocks
09.08.2010: Rodelbahn
10.08.2010: Butterflies
11.08.2010: Koenigsegg
12.08.2010: Canyoning
13.08.2010: Rafting for big boys!

Ofcourse, when we came back, the sun was shining at home and we went out to the Biergarten in the evening. Jr saw a lot of his friends there and had a great but tiresome evening. Now it’s back to school, on Monday it will all start and we will have to wait for the next holidays :)



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