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Salade Mediterrannée

A quick howto for a tasty salad. Tastes great as a stand-alone salad for the evening (due to the hughe amount of garlic being used ;) A heavy dry rosé (spanish) or tasty strong dry rubin red wine (Shiraz) tastes fine with it.

What you need:

For the Vinaigrette:
* A big lump of fresh garlic
* Olive oil
white balsamic vinegar
* Vinegar (I used white balsamic vinegar)
* Pepper & Salt (I used a spicy pepper mix, ‘African Barbequeue’ but anything with pepper will do)
balsamic vinegar sirup
* Balsamic vinegar ‘sirup’
* A mixture of seeds: pine, sunflower etc
* One teaspoon of mustard or less

For the Salad:
* A bag of Corn Salad or Lamb’s Lettuce
* A small pack of goats’ cheese, formerly known as feta
* A pack of fresh small darkred tomatoes, preferably non-dutch (they aren’t that tasty out of the glasshouses)
* A small bottle of greek black Kalamata olives, without stone

How to prepare: Vinaigrette

fresh garlic

Chop one (or more) bits of garlic into really tiny pieces, max 3x3x3mm. If you squeeze them, they will become bitter, so therefor the chopping with a knive is preferred.

garlic chopped

Put this in a small bowl which is deep enough for stirring as well.

Poor a nice amount of oil and vinegar in there ; 2/3 part oil and 1/3 part vinager should make it just ‘spicy’ enough. This is the base of the vinegar, you can add as much as you want, but keep this 2/3 oil and 1/3 vinegar ratio.

african barbequeue spices

A teaspoon full of the spices “African Barbequeue” goes in there as well.

vinegar unmixed

Add to that all one spoon of (spicy or not) mustard, and you can start mixing the vinegar. Try mixing it so good that you don’t see the oil floating on top of the vinager anymore. It should be one ‘solid color’. Stirr often, as the oil and vinager will split up quickly.

How to prepare: Salad

The easiest bit:

Toss the salad after washing and shaking it dry in a big bowl.

Cut the tomatoes in small cubes, preferably in that way that the inside bit stays in.

Cut the feta in small cubes as well

salad feta tomatoes
Add all feta to the bowl of salad and tomatoes.

salad feta tomatoes olives
Poor a handfull of olives over it.


Take the seeds and poor a handfull of seeds over the salad as well

salad feta tomatoes olives vinaigrette seeds
Poor the vinaigrette over the salad and leave it as it is, or stirr it well.

salad feta tomatoes olives vinaigrette seeds audi
And finish off. I took a typical ‘hint’ towards a favorite mark of mine to decorate the salad a bit :)

Note: The vinaigrette makes the salad ‘weak’ and it will lose it’s ‘bite’.
If you are going to transport the salad, do not poor the vinaigrette over it, but poor it over the salad just before the salad is being served.

Note2: This vinaigrette can also be used over fresh asparagus. This gives a nice contrast to the taste of the asparagus but it fits well. Use less ‘spicyness’ if you don’t like the ‘sharp’ taste of the vinaigrette though.

Enjoy your salade mediterrannee :)



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