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On your way to Russia?

I received a mail yesterday from the Tersk Stud – they have an open day!
Unfortunately they are rather far away, otherwise I would have loved to see my horses’ half brothers and sisters, and further down the lines!


Also, from July 30th till August 2nd, at the Tersk Stud in the Mineralnie Vody, Stavropol Region in Russia, there is an open day with the following program:

* July 31st: Tersk Stud Open Day
* August 1st: Arabian Racing Festival

The full program can be found on

In case you are interested: their website:

* Dutch information can be provided by Jan Calis – contact details see banner below
* German information can be provided by Gudrun Waiditschka – contact details see banner below

Tersk Stud Open Day poster

And so this might explain the difficult color my colt Muratah has: Granddad Nabeg of his mothers side also has this “brown/fox” combination. White socks, not much black on the legs, fox color but black manes and tail. Normally, a fox is red skinned and has red manes/tail where a brown horse has got a brown skin and black manes and tail. Mine seems to be just in the middle, it puzzled the people that had to judge him :)




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