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Things to do – when going on a holiday :)

Ow well, if there is one place I could see as the perfect interface of gathering a collection of links, ideas, pictures and videos, then it is my blog :) Not only I ‘abuse’ it as a diary, also it is very useful when it comes to researching things that happened in the past. The benefit over facebook, twitter or anything else is that all of this belongs to me :) So – where else to post some links, places, pictures and such when it comes to holidays?

We’re going this year to Austria, near the very top of it, very close to the German border. I’ve been to this place before, but we’re going in a bit more adventurous setup right now – or just plain dutch: camping :) Although we went last year to Portugal, this year will be closer by, just to see how far away it is and what it is like over there. Can say that Jr & I are very much looking forward to it. Maybe we want to move further downwards even, it’s all possible with Jr being on an international school, speaking 3 languages fluent :)

The tents for camping we will test this weekend already, when we go for a trip with both of our horses. Both will be carrying our stuff like tent, matrasses and sleepingbags. It is not a long trip, but it will be a very nice and interesting one. Our destination won’t be that far, but the trip to it will be very nice, as well as the destination. Also we can fix our checklists what we need, and what needs to be fixed/replaced when we go on the real vacation. And moreover, it will be just one big adventure going there this weekend already, feels like holiday with this weather in this beautiful climate and country! And we got place for our horses as well :)

So back to where we wanted to go: Austria.
From a colleague I have heard quite a few interesting places, which might be good to visit when it’s a rainy day.

Schloss Herreninsel Chiemsee

One of them is the Chiemsee, with on the Herreninsel a nice castle. A boat will bring you there:

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koenigssee, germany

When I saw the pictures from this lake again, I all of a sudden remembered I was here already, when I was 10 or so. I remember the village which was only reachable by boat at the west side of the lake and the shape of the mountains, like an old witch. It’s all located in the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden.

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Salzbergweg Berchtesgaden

Also in this area: the Saltmines. You can go in there with a train and enjoy the inside of the saltmines. If that doesn’t sound like a great adventure? :)

Größere Kartenansicht


One of the most well known people from the last century, not in the positve way though, built his house in the area of the Obersalzberg:

Größere Kartenansicht

These days, there is a restaurant, for the rest I would like to find out what else is there. If I am right, I have been there before, but I am not sure. I do know I have seen the ‘bunker’ before though.


A nice citytrip is Salzburg, with it’s ancient buildings, nice terasses and lots more to discover. Will know more when I get there, as cities are not my #1 occupation when I am on holiday :)


Innsbruck is also on the “citylist” – only when it gets really bad weather we’ll go there.


Another place to visit will be Mayrhofen, with the Hintertuxer Glacier close by, (hey, did I hear TUX? :) – and even at these hot summerdays a snowlevel of 295cm (!)

One of the things that interests me most is the glacier – from below. There are guided tours at the bottom of the Tuxer Glacier, and honestly, tell me which nerd doesn’t want to be at the root of the Tux? For Jr it will be an “Ice Age” experience, I’m sure!

Not only the Gletscher is an interesting place to visit, the Erlebnissennerei is one of those as well. They make milk, cheese and other milkrelated products there. If I would be able to taste fresh milk again, I would be the first to try it! I got so much good memories to that!


Also on the list of cities/villages: Kufstein: with the glass construction works factoriy we can maybe try to make one of our own glasses. I already know what type of glass I would like, with an Audi logo ofcourse ;) There is a tour through the glassfactory offered.

And if the weather stays nice? Na, we will go swimming, biking, walking, sleeping on the beach or go here:

But first: tent-testing-time this weekend! Yeah, we’re getting in the holiday fever! :)



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