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For some reason I got something with lightning and thunderstorms. Not only they keep me awake during the nights, I also wake up from them despite the double glass and covers I got here.

When I was a little girl, I once had a nightmare about lighthing. I was snoozing on the floor, in my old house, staring out of the garden doors into the garden. All of a sudden the light dimmed, it got dark, and clouds surrounded the place I was at. Next thing I see in total darkness was a skull that floated towards me from the dark.

skull lightning
It hovered in front of me, and it said that it would haunt me. I woke up, sweating, and worse, I had this same dream a few nights in a row as well.

Not long after that dream I heard from my parents that they once both got hit by lightning. They stopped while driving around on their scooter and sat next to eachother near a tree while it was raining a little bit. Next thing they remember is that they were lying meters apart from eachother, with legs that they could not feel anymore, clothes being burned off and burning marks on their legs. A clear sign that they have been hit by lightning, direct or indirect. I guess that from that moment on I was ‘marked’

While being in the Odenwald for holiday, about 20 years ago, I ran up on a hill to watch the horses over there. All of a sudden I noticed the clouds around me – and next thing I knew I was surrounded by thunderstorms. All I could do was run, run away from the top of that field. No trees around me, I was the highest bit of that hill. It was so close.

Another time I was at my home in the shed, hiding for the rain that all of a sudden came over. A split second later I squeezed my rabbit I held in my hands, the sound of lightning within 1 second of the lightning itself. Instead of running away I just froze, staring at the lightningshow above me. Scared but also fascinated.


When I was 15, I went with a friend to the Pyrenees for a hike. After a few days, we camped at the south side Lac de Labas. After a whole night of echoing thunderstorms around our tent, I woke up after a way too short sleep from some sheep I could not locate and distinguish the sound from. I knew there were bears out there, and when I finally had the nerves to open up the tentdoor, this sheep shouted out loud, righ in my face. That was not the most perfect way to wake up after 2, 3 hours of sleep due to the thunderstorms.

A while later, while being on holiday in the southern of France, I got told that the chance that I would be struck by lightning would be as big as a plane that would crash.
Same day in the afternoon, not one but 2 planes crashed 200m in front of us in the sea, just in front of me. Does that make the risk go up to 200%?

After this a while of peace. First bits came again when I was waiting for Jr to come back from football. Not only a thunderstorm, but a whole little tornado all of a sudden showed up:

We had to camp in the fields with Jr – while waiting for our little foal to be born. We have been in the middle of severe thunderstorms – hiding in the car which was leaking as well due to the heavy rain.

And then again tonight, 2 fronts coming our way. Hell, different approach. I’ll grab the cam and see if I can catch something. Although I was not that lucky with the thunderstorms either behind the neighbours’ house or above us (so I was running from back to front and back to catch something) – I finally caught something nice on camera. In between the street flooded, it almost rained in, the doors and windows slapped into their sealings due to the wind, almost throwing my camera out of the window, rain rushed into my room when the wind suddenly changed. But then – this beauty came by:
thunderstorm lightning

Although I really dislike lightning, having had so many close encounters, I still find it fascinating! Still,it scares the hell out of me ;)

Some more from yesterdaynight – you see the car swimming through the streets..



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