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Teckel across the Bergstrasse

It’s been a while since I’ve been “out”. Out to the hills, the forest up there and enjoying the beautiful view over the Bergstrasse. So… Grabbed horse and went up there :)

view on jossaruine-hill

Not only me but definately horse was very much looking forward to it.

The only thing which wasn’t that great was the bad road: “Schotterweg” – aka a rocky road with a lot of little stones on it.

To evade most of it, we went uphill quick. So quick I could not even spot the tower on the hills – we went past it before I knew it.

Ofcourse – not having the habit of running up- and downhill on a daily basis, madam was quite tired after the uphill canter (never mind the 7km we did before over the flat in a very fast time)

She “tells” me by stopping and looking at me, asking me if she should go on or not. She will go on if I ask her to, but I just got off and walked a long way next to her.

Or behind her – which is very funny if people approach us from the front – they don’t see me ;)

Such a shame that it was pitchdark in the forest – as she “pulls” her arabian arched neck here, something she doesn’t do very often. The little mouse in the side did ;)

The L3103 between Jugenheim and Balkhausen – completely blocked, however loads of bikes and motorists ignoring that. That could cost them a EU60,- fine – we were only crossing it to go to the next hill, to the Goldenes Kreuz and the Heiligenberger Schloss.

bright idea
And all of a sudden we got a bright idea. Get rid of the bridle, get the halter on :) She could eat a bit better with that- and I can ride her better with that. F* the german law ;)

Walking down Jugenheim
Walking down Jugenheim, on our way to a refreshing drink at my home :)
The neighbours do not even look surprised anymore if I show up with my horse :)

Having a rest in the grass and this is what you get to see: someone that continuosly observes what is going on, while mowing the grass around me :)

The “Hessische Verkehrsuebungsplatz” was also in use, by people that had their picnic there. Just a field further fresh strawberries and more were for sale ;)

The way I hold the line: Line attached to the halter as a second aide. I prefer to ride with the other side – the ring around her neck. Only if she does not react to that I can increase pressure with the other line, on the neck (turning) or the halter (stop/reversing). However, I do most by my seat/weight and voice. And sometimes I do not have to do anything at all – like stopping for streets we need to cross.

The tunnel we went through: the chance that 4 trains come by there is rather high. Still, not a single bit of stress at all there. The only thing she is very annoyed with are the bikes that race in and out from both sides.

The head goes up: going home! And a nice track to race over :)

By this time this is how I was riding: not using any line at all anymore (made a knot on the halter with the loose side and was using it like normal reins).

We went slow but steady across this field. A bull and his cow.

The problem with bulls is that if you run away too fast, they see you as another bull and want to fight you. They are shortlegged but incredibly fast.
If you stand still, they see you as a willing cow and will try to do their best to get their ‘shot’. Not really preferred also, so hence we went on. As this bull has ‘his’ cow there anyway and we were not seen as a possible enemy, we (and others) were safe. I notied my horse sensing his staring though although he was about 100m away. He was big …

After a long canter, I got off again and walked the rest of the way back home.

Ow well, she knew the way too and was just going in her own pace. No problem!

I wanted to take a shortcut, the same I had taken this winter. Slight difference: the grass was about 2m high now. While I struggled my way through, Sharmenta followed me and mowed it a bit.

22km (!) and 3 hours later we were back – she gives a happy call to her son, Muratah, who was pleased to see his mom back and answered her call.

Sam and her carbon copy Muratah relaxing at the hey. She loves doing these rides, and with the new saddle, she hasn’t got any problems with her back anymore.
The only thing I need to look at is hoofprotection – for which I got my Boa Hoofshoes. But, more later about those horseshoes :)




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