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Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Heppenheim-Alsbach)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2012 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2011 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)

Every first of May there is a “Winewalk” here in the german Bergstrasse.

The Bergstraeser Winewalk / Weinwanderung route

weinwanderung bergstrasse karte

This Weinwanderung goes from Heppenheim to Alsbach, via a nice, small road, with 8 stands from the local vintner (winemakers) on “their wineyards”. It is a great chance to meet up with people, have fun and also try the many local wines that grow here in this area of Germany.

Although it sounds odd, there are many winemakers here. This area of Germany is also called “german riviera”, as the weather here is warmer and dryer than other places. On top of that these hills have the perfect angle towards the sun. More information can be found here:, here: and here:

The wines that are cultivated in this area are:

* Mundklingen
* Grosslagen Rott

* Schöntal

* Steingeröll
* Alte Burg

Auerbach (OT Bensheim)
* Höllberg
* Fürstenlager

Schönberg (OT Bensheim)
* Herrenwingert
* Wolfsmagen

* Kalkgrasse
* Kirchberg
* Streichling

Traditionally the red and white wines here are very sweet (lieblich), although the Dornfelder grape they use for the red wine is rather dry and strong (trocken). White wines cover however about 85% of what is made here. The red wines are a lot more seldom.

The type of grapes used for this are mainly very old, only recently some newcomers were “allowed” in the traditional wineculture.

White wines:
* Riesling
* Grauburgunder (Ruländer)
* Weißburgunder
* Müller-Thurgau (Rivaner)

Red Wines:
* Spätburgunder
* Dornfelder
* St. Laurent

This year Jr and I wanted to join one of the many groups that went for the walk. The weather forecast did not look very prosperous: a great rainfront would go across the Bergstrasse when the organised walk would start. We decided to have a bit of a lie-in and then take our bikes to ride to Zwingenberg-center.
From there on we could walk down south, meeting the group from school that would come from Bensheim north towards Alsbach and join.

It did not really go like that, due to the weather. By the time we reached our destination to park our bikes, it was dripping. By the time I had locked up our bikes I was soaked. The rain poured from the sky like we were taking a shower. We quickly sought shelter in a busstand. The sign in there said that there were busses every 15 minutes from Heppenheim to Jugenheim, in both directions. Where better seek shelter than in a dry, warm bus? So we got on the bus which brought us to Bensheim. During our float to Bensheim, all we saw was rivers on the street and soaking crowds of people lining up to get in the bus as well. By the time we arrived in Bensheim it was nearly dry, it almost stopped raining! We were “rescued” by those 15 minutes in the bus.

We climbed uphill towards the Kirchberghäuschen and half way up we already saw the first stand.

We got our special glasses and glassholders there, from leather, which we could hang around our necks.

While we tasted the first bit of wine (Bensheimer Kirchberg/Dornfelder) and grapejuice (really great tasting grapejuice!) for Jr, we looked up to the grey clouds above and below us, and to the next step, the Kirchberghäuschen.

We were there quickly and saw all people crowding up under the big “umbrellas” they had there, to shelter from the rain. It looked rather funny, people piling up underneath these, surrounded by colorful normal umbrellas around them.

We had a quick snack in the kids play corner house (why noone thought of that?!) and dried up a bit. After a short break we continued to the next stop which was not far away: the Wambolder Sand

This area has a great open field which was setup with tents and “biertische” to sit at, the Grillhutte was smoking a lot for all the saucages and steaks made freshly and music came out of one of the tents as well.

We found the group we wanted to join as well – even better now we were walking in the same direction. During the rainshower they were hiding at the Kirchberghäuschen, for almost an hour and they were rather soaked. Despite the rain the kids were happily playing. And.. all of a sudden .. a glimpse of sun was visible as a pale white dot through the clouds, it got even warm!

And this is what happens if you keep on slapping someone that is about twice as big as you :P

Next stop was Fürstenlager, uphill, where the kids were running down and up the winehills like they were not tired at all.

A nice snack with lovely parmesan cheese and some healthy apples, grapes and carrots for the hungy amongst us (thanks!) and we went on to the next one.

On our track to the next “hut” we discovered some monuments, part of the Fürstenlager and park which is located down in the valley:

After a well found shortcut on the slippery soil, we made it to the “Bachgasse” in Auerbach where the kids could inspect some firetrucks.

What road to follow after that was well indicated:

The second last stop for the day was at the stand of the Auerbacher H�llberg

… where they sold an excellent Rose:

The 2009er Auerbacher Höllberger Rotling, from Weingut & Weinschänke Rebenhof

Where some of were shortly “down for a rest”

.. the kids (mainly the girls :) were singing out loud songs and got quite a few people to look at their performance!

From here on it was downhill all the way, towards Zwingenberg, very close to where our bikes were parked. But first, last stop, to the Zwingenberger Steingeröll! OK, one steep climb then -shortcut again by our shortcut specialist (@Pete: #FAIL! :)

Some T-shirts I spotted during our trip – I like the Bergstrasser one :)

Schloss Auerbach visible in the background –

Just before the last tables were about to be taken away, we could have our last sit down at the last stop and make plans for the evening, as far as that was still not planned.

Our trip ended on the place where we dropped our bikes. From the local billboards the next “Fest” will be coming up soon:

(ignore the man sitting on the sheep :)
Tired but happy we pedalled back home and fell asleep immediately. No wonder, we have been active all day outside :)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2012 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2011 (Heppenheim -> Heppenheim-Zell -> Bensheim)

Pictures of the Winewalk / Weinwanderung Bergstrasse 2010 (Bensheim -> Auerbach -> Zwingenberg -> Alsbach)



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