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La Isla Vendetta

After a short night I got woken up by my mom who just tossed my feet away. Somehow I keep on rolling around, despite sleepingbag and end up upside down.

The cicades were even more noisy, although I have discovered a pattern in their “singing”. They only do that when there is sunlight.

We went a bit more west on the beach, with a bit more shade and unfortunately also more rocks. The water was very clear though, but it was also windy. I went with my mom on a tour around the island which was pretty much ok, the waves were not that high.

Once back we went out to a Géant Hypermarchée, in Hyeres. There were so many people walking around and my mom said there was so much she liked. I’ve been running around between many stalls but mainly I liked the fish one, because there is so much to see. I asked my mom if we could eat shrimps that evening and she agreed. I could even chose some fresh sardines to eat. And then we went to look for salad, cheese and honey and all those things that are so tasty here.

When we went home it was already late, the almost full moon was already rising when we drove over the small road in between the beaches.
Once back my mom cut a lot of garlic and onions in pieces and I helped cooking.

It was absolutely delicious and I really got the hang of it. I even finished my whole plate, which was filled up with fish, noodles, shrimps and salad. Absolutely mjum!



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