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Spot on Camping

This morning I woke up half when my mom drove to the camping, I was still asleep. She said thank you to some other germans who were waiting for us to come out of the parking place where we spent the night. A bit later I understood why. Only 6 minutes after the camping had opened we had already the last available place. And the Germans that waited for us were too late.

It is underneath a lot of trees, close to a water outlet and it is not that warm. And our car can park on the same lot as well. The neighbours have a similar tent as we have and also come from holland. For the rest there are germans and french people.

When we “arrived” at your place we first had breakfast. My mom put a plaid down and we ate our Pain au Chocolat and a Tarte aux Pommes. After that I helped building up our tent, it was not that easy but my mom explained what I had to do where. And at the end I hammered the pins in to secure the tent, it is rather windy here.

What annoyed me most are the cicades, you hear them everywhere and they just do not shut up. While my mom was working on the blog from yesterday I went to the Alimentation by myself and got some baguettes, water and a chupachup for me and my mom.

After that we went to the sea and the beach, which was close by. I disappeared into the water until my mom told me to come out and eat something. We had some baguettes and saucisson Porc and then me and my mom played ball in the water.

My mom went out for a little swim and then came back to fall asleep. When she was awake again it was already late and we went back via the Alimentation to get some groceries.

Not much later my mom was preparing dinner and I was helping out.

After we had cleaned everything we ate an ice cream and went out for the other beach.

It was very quiet and the sun was “thinking” already.

Just like in the Algarve the rocks were bright, bloodred and here the moon was going down behind them.

My mom caught me in a pose while she was trying to fetch my shadow

While I was throwing rocks in and skidding over the water my mom made some pictures of the little waves at the beach.

They were very small and you can see the little island behind it.

I kept on throwing rocks in the water and my mom was trying to tease me by doing silly.

The view on the sunset was absolutely stunning and colored the sea almost purple with orange sparking fire.

Ofcourse I continued throwing and skidding rocks over the water, that went so well and with the wind they made some nice jumps.

Our way back to the camping was lit in moonlight again, it won’t take long until the moon is full again.

And just like at home, the pinien were growing next to eachother, leaving this beautiful day behind. I can’t wait for the next one!



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