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Tunnel through

In the early morning of Sunday we left our home in the pooring rain.
Our neighbour had given us a basket full of yummies to eat and best of all: a big Donald Duck book to read during the trip. I had some more books so I would definately not be bored on our trip down south.
My mom was not sure what road to take, she either wanted to go the rainy route we had last year or take a new route that went through Switzerland. With an eye on the “Regenradar” she decided to go down south via Basel – Geneve – Grenoble – Sisteron – Toulon.

So our trip went through Switzwerland, the land of mountains, chocolate, purple cows and tunnels. At one of the very first tunnels we happened to see my friend Remi, his grandma, sister and mom driving! I was so excited and bouncing up and down, I could not wait until I saw them at the first parkingplace! We’ve been chasing eachother over the parkinglot there where our moms were talking about their holidayplans.

We then continued our route down south via a lot of tunnels and a very quiet road. Later it had some great views on a huge lake left ot us, my mom said it was Lake Geneva.

There were incredibly steep mountains around it, but the atmosphere was very mediterranean. About 3 hours later we crossed the french border again and the road became very small after the last bit of Peage. We saw a light green and a pink 2CV and my mom said they were very rare. We were now in France, country of love, food, crickets, lizzards and nature.

After a second stop just before Grenoble we happened to overtake Remis mom again!

We went further into the mountains behind Grenoble and the landscape turned into something very unusual.

The rocks were high and steep and flat and there were some beautiful fields in between. we could even see some snow in the mountains in the east!

When we were past Sisteron we could drive on the Autobahn again and we went fast down south.

Unfortunatley we got stuck in a trafficjam and we saw hat some cars had crashed into eachother. After that we could just drive all the way further while the sun as setting and the moon in front of us.

All of a sudden the roads became curvy and we could see the sea in front of us, in a purple light! It was beautiful!

We arrived at our camping exactly 12 hours after departure, and as they were already close we could park aside and sleep in the car! Yay, adventure! But even better, before we went to sleep we went to the beach which was really close by. It was very windy though and dark as well. The beach was moon-lit and we could see the shore with its many lights. We ate a few slices of saucages and then I went “in bed”; our car had been modified to a soft and 1.5 person bed which was just fine for me to take every space.



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