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Germany – Spain, lots of excitement

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(29.06.2008, 10 days young)

What a day! I’ve done so much today! Again other humans showed up, one with a black long eye which was looking at me all the time.
First we went through the usual stuff. Scratch session
scratch and my mom showing off by lying down on request down

Then a bit of getting used to all the stuff the humans use to do things with horses. This time it was a whip with a red/white striped foil to it.
whipgiving inalready ok

After the MacHorse ride-through ride-through a bit of mad running around run madnessbut at any sign of me it went quiet and relaxed, being followed by mom and the human rest

Back in the paddock I decided to play with something which was lying around. It looked like the plastic back I’ve seen before.. but this.. this was so light it followed me and didn’t stop!
I gave my mom a shout, she said something back. I stopped, spit the thing out on the ground and got something to drink. What an adventure! And it wasn’t even over yet. This long soft smelling thing I got put on my back, so I decided to run away from it. However.. it kept on following me..
and sometimes there are things in the way that made me hesitate what to do. jump
It got taken off when I stood still and relaxed. Then it was my moms turn again. She did some funny moves with her front leg, it’s called “spanish step” she said. It’s a bit dangerous to do in Germany though ..

I got the flappy thing on again, but decided to stay cool this time.
cool1 cool2cool3 cool4 and therefor it got take off again. I’m starting to learn this..

My mom showed that there was nothing scary with this scarf, as she went backwards while it was around one leg:
back1back2 back3
and there I got the thing around me again! Darn! Run!
but again, the moment I relaxed it got taken away. run2

My mom then got it again, got blindfolded.. but still knew exactly where the human was and where I was. She did talk to me though blindfold

Out! Time to play hide and seek! lost
Stay close and then take off again


Now.. what’s that? Can I return the favour?

Ow, look! Now I’m a lot bigger!

A moment of thoughts

Me as Tina Turner! Simply the best!

My racetrack:
as long as I don’t forget about making the turn at the very end or jump over it and don’t roll through

Other horses, tasting funny



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