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Downgrading the Android G+ app

The new G+ look and feel: “As if people at Google were on Meth”

If you are not pleased with the new look and feel from the Android G+ app; released on May 24th 2012; this is the way to ‘downgrade’ to the older version.

First of all you need to change some settings:

1) First you need to enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources”:

In ‘Settings’ -> ‘Security’ -> “Device Administration”; set “Allow installation of non-Market apps” ON


2) In the current G+ app; disable automatic updates

Start “Play Store”; left click to select ‘My Apps’ -> search for the Google+ app; select it and deselect “Allow automatic updating”


3. Clear data from newer g+ version:

If you ever tried/used the new g+ version; you will have to wipe it’s data; it is unreadable for the ‘old’ app.

Click on “Settings” -> Application”; scroll down to “Google+”; click it, then click “Clear data”. This will erase your phone’s g+ settings only.

4) Now, with your Android, scan the QR code below, or click the link to download the previous version of Google+; either direct to your Android or to your PC.

google+ app QR

* * * Now you’re ready to start the “old” version of Google+. * * *

After starting the “old” version of Google+; you will have to

* select what useraccount you want to use for your G+

* If you want to add Google+ people and circles to your Android contacts.

(My recommendation is to only do this if your G+ circle-contacts list is small; below 1000 people.)

* If you want to turn on instant upload. Options are

– Over Wi-Fi or mobile network
– Over Wi-Fi only
– Turn Off Instant Upload

(My recommendation is to turn it off. This will save you lots of traffic if you take a lot of pictures; plus you can control which pictures are going to be uploaded in an online album.)

Click “done” and you’re enjoying the overview again.

Google+ version

All kudos to Kristian Köhntopp

Oh, and you can find me here on google+ :)


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