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Saddle your moneymaker.

Here is the “worldfamous” stallion Totilas and his rider; Matthias Rath. Rath is using the “Rollkur” or “LDR” method to control his horse Totilas: pull in the head towards the chest with the (2!) bits he is riding with. The pain this causes on the horses’ tongue and neck will make it slow down and it does not allow the horse to run away from the pain.

What dressage was originally meant to be, was that the horse gets the proper exercise to be able to carry itself and it’s rider. These days, it unfortunately has become a money making business and the thing that counts least is the horse itself.

wrong vs right dressage

Some reasons:
* Exquis World Dressage Masters Palm Beach 2009 Prize : €105,000
* Rolex FEI World Cup Dressage Final 2009 Prize : €78,500
* Dressage At Hickstead Prize : €105,000
* German Jumping & Dressage Grand Prix Total Prize : €500,000
* Grand Prix Dressage Prize : €300,000

BTW: that typical sound you hear around 04:00 is the sound of a stallion or gelding that can not relax his back as it is much too tense (as visible at the beginning).
Which is not a surprise if you see the amount of metal and leather this rider uses to keep this horse “in control”. Shame on you; your horse should be your partner, not your enemy!

Now have a quick peek at the following picture and compare it to the one above. What’s the difference?

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