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ICE and Snow – part 2 or stuck in Holland in the snow, Saturday Dec. 19th 2009

A day later, in Holland, The Hague …. Saturday, December 19th 2009

We enjoyed much more snow again, like Jr. sitting on a statue I used to sit on when I was a lil’ kid. Snowball fights, “sniffing the funny smell in the snow covered trees” (and then shake the branch so all snow comes down :) – we did have a lot of fun. Roads were quite slippery though.

Later that day we had our faithful yellow busy bee on winter rubbers available to visit some places.

A big laugh about the sprints from the trafficlights, due to the wintertires very easy, leaving all the dutch cars with their summertires behind. Even better were the streets where there was still a lot of snow. Every corner we had to take went sideways, so in the end it felt like floating from left to right, getting used to the sideways movement. Together with the gentle humming of the engine, it felt like dancing on ice, very special. Very comfortable. Almost like one was thinking to go into a direction, and the rest followed in slow motion..

One of the default things I always tend to do is to visit the beach in Scheveningen. Normally, “traditionally”, I tend to go there in my big fat german car, just to annoy the dutchies, but this time it was also very special. Not behind the wheel though :)

I’ve grown up at this place, watching the sea from a safe distance during autumn storms and howling gails in the winter, but the second the weather and temperature permitted it, I was in it, swimming, fishing, riding, walking. Still, I have learned the force of the sea, it takes what it wants, and thus I keep a safe distance.


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