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A bit of bit for horses.

Source: The internet, just search for “horse bit”

Some people use a bit because they “feel safe” with it
Some people use a bit because “everyone else does”

Some people use a bit because it is “prescribed”
Some people use a bit because can’t handle their horse without


Then you have the people that come from the above categories and try to ride bitless.
This is initially a good thing because they tend to leave the mouth from the horse in a better state.

But instead they still use the same force and squeezing methods to be able to ride a horse the way they are used to. The pressure goes on the nose, neck (behind the ears) and the chin/cheeks, not on the bit anymore. It does not really help the horse in growing what he can be and can become.

My thoughts about bits and halters: The less you (have to) use them; the more it means you have a ‘band’ with your horse and can talk to her/him and she/he is willing to understand you.

My great dream: To be able to ride without anything; except for with my horse :)

In my soon to be world there are no bits; no bridles, just us.

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