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A horse fallen in love ..

Horse time again! Although we expected Muratah on Sunday, the people that wanted to transport him to his new place called and cancelled. Muratah was not the problem with trailerloading, as he has proved a few times in the past. His sis was acting up this time and as both of ’em had to be transported, they decided to skip this effort.

So that left us some time with playing with Sam. Not only was she completely happy to be back with her big boyfriend, also the other horses treat her with respect. Except for one, the 3y old Frysian, but that one is sorted out by her big boyfriend. The other horses are the racing horse and a 1,5y old Tinker stallion. Sam felt so happy and confident, she did things for me she had not tried nor done before.

One of the exercises we practiced was rearing up and walking forwards, just like a circus horse. She makes some half kind of canter before going up, to place her hind legs under her, for balance, but does her best in following. It looks really really showy – especially as she “talks” with her typical “stallion” rhythmic low voice. The great thing with this spontaneous exercise is that she strengthens her back with it, as well as she comes towards me (better than going away from me :)

And the other great thing she did was laying down when I asked her to. I have been evil and swung my leg around her back, wanting to give her another sweet but she decided to jump up – with me on her back – and trotted away until she noticed it was me on her back and not a predator. She stood still, had a look at me, and then looked rather disturbed when she got her reward. She was right, I should have built up a bit more slow and in more steps.
After that I could ask her another 2 times to lay down but she would not allow me next to her. Good horse, bad me :) Still, that she does so even when others are around in the same paddock is a great reward for me. We’ll get there, together :)

So.. here are her new friends, lets start with the #1 of the pack

the 5y old racing horse. A very sensitive, quiet and cooperative horse which stands his ground

“big daddy” – Sams big love, mixture of Frysian and warmblood. Although he is hughe, he “feels” very easy to handle on the ground. He is very sensible as well, very kind and sometimes very agitated towards other horses. When he is excited he really shows off a very nice mixture of the frysian trot, with the length of a warmblooded.

The almost 3y old “enfant terrible” for Sam and her love. He is sooo curious, but therefor also very very afraid of everything, and prefers to stand “on top of you” if he wants to know something. Also he is not very much impressed by people, leaves no “private space” at all. A great horse to learn these things, but I see somewhere, with his stubbornness, that this could also be dangerous if he decides you get that in return what you just gave him to hush him away…

A great way to practice private space is to play a “blind person” which hears something in the paddock and decided to go there with a long, man sized whip as “blind man’s stick”. I have practiced this while feeding and cleaning (wheelbarrow :) and this seems to have quite an effect on him. Next time I rose my hand in the direction I wanted to go to he decided to step back instead of stepping forward trying to eat my hand.

The one at the bottom of the list is

a 1,5y young Tinker stallion. He is a very handable youngster, learns faster than the young frysian and is a very kind creature. He does not push, he does not nibble, he follows where you want him to. The only “disadvantage” is that he just doesnt mind crawling under, over and in between the (electric) fence. He will be Muratahs playmate, they are the same age, however not the size. I bet there will be about 20cm difference in shoulder heights. He loves to play though, which is just what Muratah needs.

Some more typical pics – of the “couple” which seem to not have changed during the period Sam wasn’t there…


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