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After the walk in the beautiful forest last week my camera I got from Snow had decided to give up. After over 1 year of fulltime duty and over 20000 pictures in harsh environments, wet, warm cold and sandy environments it had has more than served his purposes. Time to look for a new one. Maybe this Canon Powershot SX110

How I miss my camera becomes clear when I try to find words for the things that happened to me last week. The encounter of my horse with her great friend Kim. The dominant horse being uncertain about his role. Horseriding with Jr bikeriding through the forest. My horse that is completely happy with her new environment, having 5 men to look after her. But she’s loyal, only stands side to side with Kim, her big love.

Before my other, 4 legged Jr comes to his new place I *do* need a camera. Yes, I know an easy way to do so, but no, I do not want to do that to Snow, I promise XD
(edit: Actually pretty mean, having the CV of someone which hasn’t got a job, but not giving it to a company that could use it. I have just learned a few times from the past that doing so is not a good idea :)

On the other side, my 2 legged Jr has fallen in love with a sweet little mare.

Not the little foal he has played with during the summer, so great to see the 2 of them playing ….
lil foal and lil man

But his own Muratahs sister, Dina. We have seen her when she was still a little foal,

Now she has grown into a healthy, very nice arabian mare, with many roots in the russian, but also crabbet7spanish and polish backgrounds of the arabian breed.

She makes me think of an arabian horse I have known in the past, always very present, never wante dot be neglected.

This young one however is a bit more gentle in the way she treats people and has a bit less selfconfidence. Funny enough, when I asked the owners, they said that she had indeed backgrounds in the crabbet and spanish blood, something I did not know but only assumed.

The great thing…. Jr learned so much from her, how to approach, how not to approach, how to be gentle but firm. And ofcourse gently ask her for things he would like her to do. In return she showed her appreciation by reacting in a great way, especially if she was brushed by Jr. on a place she could not reach.

Another “learning” session we had when I said Jr up front what to do, how she would react and how to let her do the things I suggested him to do. Jr was not that confident, but I was. She is just a so easy to understand and expressive horse, visible from miles away. At least, for me :)

She came towards him when Jr closed the other way out from her, she ran away when Jr made himself big, she came to a stop when Jr closed in on her, she ran into one entrance of the field when Jr sent her to that side, blocking the other sides by body language.

Yes, I have shouted out loud to Jr what he should and should not do. And he came back with such a surprised and happy look on his face. She did everything he suggested. Jr had to calm down as he was almost hyper of all the running, stopping and turning around, and when he did so, she came back to him and “asked” him for a brushing session.

The weather was crap, the land was slippery, muddy and crap, but it all did not matter. Jr had seen what he could do, although he was only 7. This horse is about 10 times his weight, can run about 5 times as fast as he does, but still she comes back to him and shares her thoughts.

It was really emotional to see, hearing and seeing Jr talk to her as I do, fully understanding what she asked, and when he did not, he asked me, or I had to suggest him what she wanted.
This was the fun part of it .. She came close with her nose, sniffing. I suggested Jr. to return what she asked for .. and this is what Jr came up with :)

No, she won’t turn into a princess, but she might turn into a loyal friend :)

She was happy, Jr was happy, I was happy – only Muratah had to drag my attention away from the other two ,
but somewhere he was glad he got my full attention too. And when he did not, he just bit his sister :)

And when that did not help, he just grabbed Jrs pants – where Jr reacted promptly agitated, but in a very nice way: No violence. Just a “Hey, thats my pants, don’t you pull ’em out!”

That is just what both Jrs need :) I am so much eager to see Jr re-united with his mom and her BF any time soon – as well as with the typical characters there are at his new home. But first, need to get there :)

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