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(27.06.2008, 8 days young)
Today another day where the sky was grey and humid and warm, preferred to lie down and get a bit of rest. It took a while until it cooled down so I could go for a sprint session again. The field is getting bigger, which is very nice for large runs, however, the grass gets higher and higher, and I really have got to bounce to see where I am going to.
All of a sudden Mom decided to to the paddock and so I followed. There was this creature again that I allowed to scratch my bum, even my tail this time and a bit of my back. Not more. I think.
A little while later some other creatures also showed up and they had something small with them. One was similar to what I knew and haven’t seen for a few days now, but the other one was even smaller and down on four legs just like me. It did smell terrible though, like it ate something very strange. My mom immediately dropped her head in it’s direction and started to let it run away, out of the paddock. That was easy! I could do that too! The small creature and the rest stayed outside though. I had to find something else to play with. There was this big pink thing … pink

It did move, but did not run away from me. I thought it would be a good try to see if it was edible. It didn’t taste like much though. Same taste and softness as mom’s bum when I bite her after she went for a rock and roll session.

One group of creatures then walked away and my Mom and that one creature (on her back now) followed. I thought they were kidding and tried to yell mom back into the field. But she went the other way! Outside there were these funny colorful things again. They also tasted like nothing, but were very slippery and cold though. I almost ran into one of the creatures when I walked away so I had to squeeze myself in between two of these funny colored things and race to my mom. Mom was going fast, but well, hey, I had to show off and had to go faster. I raced through a field by myself and saw where I came from on the other side. When I looked back though my mom was *so* far away I ran back even faster. We then went through a narrow tunnel, it was rather dark there. The worst thing were the flies, it made me and my mom so itchy we quickly ran away from there.
I have discovered that there is one thing hanging on my moms head. Whenever I push it the creature follows me and mom goes along as well. Bad thing is that I don’t want to be followed from that creature so I start to hang into this thing a bit more. But the harder I hang in it the harder it bites me in my neck. All of a sudden I turned around, the thing went in front of my legs and there I went nose down in the field again, my feet did fly over me and I ended up on my other side. Funny. Mom doesn’t react, it should be ok then. I better stay closer now..

Back in my place I decided I really really needed to drink. But when I was finished I noticed I had this creature allmost all over me. It had a leg around my chest and a leg around my bum and I could not move forwards or backwards, just sideways. Even going up on hind legs didn’t make the creature and its legs go away. I then decided to struggle as this is the most scariest that ever happened to me.. A predator .. My mom was very uncertain as well as she did stay close.. but then.. I noticed my mom relaxed and so did I. My mom started eating something next to me and I wanted to move there too. And I could! However, this strange creature was still holding me, but it allowed me to go there. Not as fast as I wanted though and not completely in the direction where I wanted to, but I could move. I then had a good look around, a good sniff to see what was happening.. but nothing happened. I just stood there and the creature stood there too.. and ooh, oohmm.. the scratching started again, that was very nice. I didn’t know why I did it but I started to scratch back. Ow well, it was soft anyway and it felt good.
But then! My mom walked away! I insisted on following and decided to jump. The forwards jump didn’t go forwards. Up! And also that failed. Let myself drop backwards .. missed!
Then I noticed the feet of the creature, 2 of them at least, on the ground so I started jumping and pounding them. It also did not change a thing. I was so pissed off that I could not immediately go there where I wanted to that I didn’t know what to do anymore so I had to think.. The jumping made me rather tired too.. had to stand still.. and then the hands stopped holding me and started scratching me again.. That was better!
The creature above me made a strange but soft sound and them my mom returned. Drinks for 1, mom, served warm please!

Then mom got asked something by the creature. First she followed this big round thing and kicked it around and got something for that.. then she got sand thrown over her back and she did lay down.
Yeah! Great! Let’s jump *on* mom! She didn’t like it though as she stood up quickly. Darn! Did I have my milksupply so close that I didn’t have to twist my neck for it.. then I spoiled it!
It all made me sooooo tired that I started to yawn. Curled myself up in the sand and waited for the lights to be switched off



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