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(26.06.2008, 7 days young)

Woke up this morning, again. It was quiet, so I decided to test my legs a bit. They are pretty comfortable in standing, however lying down is still difficult. I’ve learned to fold my hind legs between my front legs, then go down on my front knees and then just roll over. It goes pretty well now, although they are still very long and sometimes in the way. long
They are great though to scratch behind my ear and under my chin. The hard thing at the end scratched my jawbone as it was a bit sharp and i was a bit unbalanced. Nevertheless, a small scratch, will do just fine. Makes me look more “man”!
Man-like pic of me, huh?
Running also goes a lot better now, I don’t have that much problems anymore with keeping my legs separate from each other. If I accelerate I don’t fall over anymore, and the turns go also very well!
When the lights went almost out again, two known creatures appeared again. One I know well by now, she always tries to touch me. Sometimes I allow it cos she just scratches there where it itches most. I found out she is not as fast as I am, so if i had enough I just hop away. That’s fine, she doesn’t follow me then. However.. I go back as I’m curious.. and the scratching was just good actually.. Hmm.. I’m in doubt!
The other creature I knew as well, it smells as a he and is a bit bigger than the small ‘he’ I haven’t seen for a while now. Maybe I can play with this creature as well?
The two creatures came with something big in my place and .. they went down? Even my mom paid attention all of a sudden and so did I have to check!
Whatever they ate there, it smelled funny. It smelled like something which has been dead for a while and very ‘present’ and it looked flat and yellowish. I did get the impression that somewhere my moms milk smelled similar but this looked different. I decided to stay away from it and try something else. It was green so that should be edible. The two creatures started making a lot of noise next to me, but still.. I was brave and tried to holdon to what I had in my mouth. It didn’t taste like anything though, so I decided to let it go. (ed.note: that was my backpack!)

The walk was a nice one, but I was tired so stayed close to mom. Mom however walked next to the she-creature so I had to walk next to the he-creature. And sometimes it did stick his leg out to me. Having seen that this is rather harmless I did stick my nose back as I couldn’t reach that high with my leg. Yet. It smelled funny, but then decided to skip back behind mom. And there was all of a sudden that other creature but at my level this time. I tried to nibble it but it didn’t taste like anything as well. I found out that it has also got hairs, long, just like mom, but a lot softer. It’s great to drool in that!
I didn’t go nose down in the field this time, like I did a few days ago when I discovered that big round plate in the ground and tried to evade it. I thought it was time to start testing that other creature so I tried to scare it away. I wanted to approach it from behind very very fast and then see if it jumped out of the way for me. It didn’t. This stupid creature didn’t even see me coming apparently! It hasn’t even got ears and eyes to look behind it nor did it hear me.
I miscalculated it a bit and hit it, it did tilt over a bit though. However .. it then turned around to me so I really didn’t know what to do there anymore. Maybe it’s not a good thing to test now. Later I’ll try again. I went back to where the white stripes were in the sky. Those went away and I went to my house behind it. Time to let the lights be switched out again.lightsout


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