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Apple 3G iPhone: Please downgrade for more functionality

Newer update (04.11.2009) :
Well :) Good news :) Tried this one: Enable Tethering on iPhone 3.1.2 Firmware with blacksn0w and it works as it should be :)) (read: IT WORKS AS IT WAS WORKING AGAIN BEFORE!!)
Perfect! Thanks!!

Update: Gonna try this one and see if it works – when I have found some confirmation it does work for the Delekom cr*pprovider:

Enable Tethering on iPhone 3.1.2 (jailbreak/firmware via Redmondpie)

On Saturday evening, September 12th, Apple’s iTunes happily announced it had found an update for my dearest iPhone, running 3.0.1 at that time

As after the last update things only got better (tethering, copy-and-paste, mms yeah!) I also kind of blonde assumed this would be another improvement of the current state of things, and clicked “do!”. After a backup ofcourse. All looked fine so far, contacts there, appointments there, apps still alive, and, in the “Network” settings I could still opt for “Tethering”. Yeah!

On Sunday, when I actually wanted to use Tethering, I hooked up my Netbook to my iPhone with the cable, and chose “Tethering on” via USB.


Yes. Just *plop* .

The screen slid back to the “Network” tab and .. my Tethering knob who was between my Data-Roaming and VPN was gone. I had a short rant ..

I thought I could live without Tethering, but actually, if I had to chose between Tethering and Netbookbrowsing, or trying to browse sites (like aaaaaahaaaaaahhhah then you really do need a real browser and not the Apple-scraped-off one.

From a friend I got the link to a nice and easy Apple iPhone downgrade howto from 3.1 to 3.0.1 which I followed.

Here are the files I needed for that:

iPhone 3 3.0.1 Restore ipsw file

Slight interesting change of procedure from the brilliant description on redmondpie :
You can instead of copying over the files to specific directories, as mentioned in step 3, also in iTunes hold [Shift] and then click “install updates”. It will show a popup screen where you can point to the ipsw file needed for the job.

So I had an iPhone 3G I updated from 3.0.1 to 3.1 stupidly enough, I was glad I had made a backup just before I did so.
After having followed the procedure to revert from 3.1 to 3.0.1, my iPhone came finally back in version 3.0.1
It did cost some time and sweaty hands hoping all would be fine, but it looked ok to me:
* Contacts were there
* All apps were there, however they were reordered in alphabetical order
* Music was there
* Pictures were there
(I didn’t set it up as a new phone, left it what it was)

Also, that seemed perfect. Until.. I missed an appointment.. and I checked why my iPhones calendar didn’t warn me for it.
All appointments seemed to be gone. Nothing was left in my calendar anymore. Oh no :(


Next step: Plan 2:
1) Backup the backup files I had
2) Attach the phone to the netbook and start restoring the backup I had made “just before the upgrade to 3.1” via iTunes.
Again crossed fingers … and after a long while I heard the “bzzzt” saying it’s ready.

Funny, no screenlock?
And.. where did all my apps go?? They all disappeared! From both the screens as from the settings tab.
Strangely enough :
* The Apple-only apps were there on the ‘pages’ where I had put them before, so not all on 1 page.
* When I installed the first few apps again, they all reappeared with the settings they had before??

The good news was that I had all my appointments again, contacts were back (still double) as well.

Unfortunately all music had disappeared. Worse, and my biggest disappointment:
It was 3.1 again…
Why can’t I just restore bits and parts of it, after all I also selected the bits and parts I wanted to backup.
I then also want to be able to restore the bits and parts I have selected, not “all and the update” or nothing.

At that time I really had a big anti-mr-Apple rant (as some had found out on twitter) and decided I’m up for jailbreaking the iPhone.
Steps I’m going to do beforehand:

* Make another backup via iTune$
* find an m$ outlook which can somehow import my calendar, contacts
* get m$ outlook to erase the duplicate accounts for free (why can’t I just export my contacts as an csv, delete all dups from the csv and re-import them again in a clean calendar??)
* backup my calendar, contacts and pictures safe and far, far away from apple country
* hand-write the applications down I have installed and paid for (some apps do cost something by now where I had a free version) so I know what quickly to re-install
* Get the files needed to really patch and upgrade my iPhone via redmondpie and start using it for the things I want it to.
(how much did I pay for this thing again? Can Apple tell the person that did this to my iPhone with 3.1 that his/her salary will be less this month as he/she did not make Apple’s customer happy?)

So.. if things go wrong and it stays too quiet here… I’m either offline or have broken something.. ;)


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