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Fairytale Forest

In between the hailstorms today we were ready to go out; looking for a bit of spring and a bit of sun after the Siberian Winter we had over the last weeks.

We drove up to the parking place just above Seeheims Lufthansa building and walked uphill from there.

There was a little stream down here, and it was slowly breaking up in the bit of sun.

One of the many pools here; mainly built to slow down the stream.

The road was flooded with ice after the water could not go through the pipes anymore.

Many benches in this area too, probably for people that can’t or won’t walk further than 500m from the parking place ;)
The roads split up in many directions here.

We took the way up, to Ober-Beerbach. Not the main path, but a cut-through road which is straight but steep off course.

Just before we entered the “light”, the dark forest behind us. Jr even saw 2 giant sequoias next to the path – he has an eye for it!

The little road we walked up over the fields brought us down in Ober-Beerbach with a nice view on the church … before the hailstorm started ;)

Not all houses were that beautiful, but..

Some were

Some were so nice you weren’t even allowed to park in front of it.. Well.. yeah.

A beautiful tree on our way back down. Jr said it was so smelly up there, the fields were filled with kale, something he really likes on his plate though.

Found on a door in a massive rock building – a horse head :)

The view on the valley, with patches of bright white ice in the fields.

Jr testing out a patch of ice, grown over a “waterfall” in the forest

Where I was more focusing on the contrasting colors in macrovision in front of me.

which then appeared in large amounts in front of us – green and red with a touch of gold

And in small again – on the same place

But then a glimpse of sunshine warmed our view just around the corner

And not only us, but also the little creatures around us.

To speed up a bit we cut down a road.. and another one, and another one, until

we were at the very bottom of the valley, near the stream

The reason being? There were no paved paths here and everything just had a touch of untouched nature

Even Jr. got all excited about the things he saw

Tiny little white fungus on a big tree that fell down.

And here and there a big pancake, although this one is also only 5cm in diameter :)

The colors, despite upcoming hailstorm and post-siberia-winter were still stunning red

Here and there still bright green from the moss against the red from the leaves

Or the green from the trees against the hills covered in red leaves

But the ice was still thick enough to walk wherever we wanted to go on the pond

At least a 15 cm ice was still here; which fits nicely to the 60cm of ice which was found in the ground

And just before the hailstorm kicked in; we were back at our safe place. Next station: Home, where the spicy thai chicken curry awaits us :)



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