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Google+ Pictures for Sunday, 12.02.2012


* #SkySunday by +Simone Linke and +Matt Soave

Only inner peace makes other follow you
* #ZenSunday by +Nathan Wirth, +Simon Kitcher, +Charlotte Therese Björnström

Early morning encounters
* #DawnOnSunday by +Ray Bilcliff & +Sherry McBriar

A very sweet wine:
* #SweetSunday by +Michael Earley

Name: Traminer
Year: 2008
Producer:Gebr. Dr. Becker
Location: Rheinhessen
Price: EU 7,80 (6)

Description: 13% = 7,7Z -5,7S (Which means as much as 13% alcohol, 7,7g/L restsugar and the measured acidity in g/L, also 5,7g/L)

(thanks for the rectification, Mr. H.J. Montag !)

My experience on this wine:
Taste:Lichees! Sweet and smooth.



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