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Far Far Away, where’s Donkey?

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(23.06.2008, 4 days young)

Geez! I’m knackered! We were going on this same walk again and all of a sudden it didn’t go in the direction we normally went. I had to walk on funny hard grey sand on which big colourful horses on round legs were running around with very strange noises. I did stay very close to mom, who seemed to know what was going on and was very relaxed. We walked through fields, then through the forest, and then a nice place where I could have a lie down. The only *very* annoying thing were those musquitoes again. I tried to shake shake, scratch scratch which made me nearly fell over, scratch more scratch some more, and then even decided to bite bite. However, without teeth it doesn’t do much. I need help :\

It made me so tired I needed to get some beautysleep sleep

On the way back I did my masterpiece again, having a good pee and run around in the cornfield corn and the creature again started making funny noises. I don’t know what to do with that..
Best thing for me btw is that I can drink wherever I want, it’s always provided when needed needed

Back in the paddock my mom also got something to eat and I tried to make myself comfortable again. After all it was a long trip. lie

But then! After my Mom’s been drinking she then all of a sudden did just that what I also am practicing! And what a strange view that was. My mom I always looked up to.. I could now look down on her!

I was so glad she stood up again, I couldn’t run fast enough to be with her. run
After all, she helps me with scratching my bum, just as that strange creature following me from time to time.
This evening I was let out on the other field where I had to closely inspect, nibble and bite that strange thing I’d seen before. tent I did nearly fall through though when I tried to stand on it..
For some reason today the big creature was very quiet, and the sweet small creature which I am starting to trust wasn’t there anymore. Maybe he’s there tomorrow again to play with.


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