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Google+ Pictures for Friday, 27.01.2012

If you are interested in Photography, here is the list for FRIDAY:

When you want to join in, youve got to tag your picture and also mention the name of the curator.

A frosty Irish Setter
* #FidoFriday by +Wes Lum , +mel peifer & +Lisa Lisa

Home of the Ice Queen
* #ForestFriday by +Rudolf Vl?ek

Thank you chocolate cake for being there when I needed you

#FoodFriday by +Lucretia Yeh, +Bobbi Lance & +Charles Lupica

Still… going…. strong
* #FlowingWaterFriday by +Rolf Hicker & +Kate Church

Little things can be strong
* #FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner


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