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What means as much as “jump” in dutch. Well, I’m not the type that asks ‘how high’ if one says “jump!”. I’ld ask “why” first, what apperantly is not that much appreciated by some specific people. It is not that type of ‘spring’ I meant.

It also does not mean “spring” as in spiral, like this one here:
by some people preferred to be seen going downwards.

None of that all.

That’s not me :)

The “spring” I’ve got in mind this week is definately the spring which is happening outside at the moment. It’s not only the flowers all over the place here appearing in gardens and the forest, but also the birds seem to have woken up. Like, for instance, the great cranes gathering over the area here (similar sound and view).

A few nasty days in between, loads of wet and getting stuck with the car in the mud (oh, yeah, ‘‘ but then different :P

Singing birds all around us in the forest, not even shy twittering anymore, but very very loud.

Being a witness of a very beautiful sunset, we were even in time to walk uphill to enjoy the sunset over the valley.

Idiots in cars again driving topless. Trying to push and shove others out of the way. Well, they can kiss my big bright wide white *ss as 2 of them discovered today. And the more they push, the more distance I keep from the car in front of me. Preferably next to another car on the right lane so they can’t push pass by. I guess it must have got to do something with the male hormones which funny enough I also seem to have *harhar*

Had a very nice day with the kids in a very large museum, where they had loads of planes, trains and automobiles. It was quite exhausting though; but still, I think it’s worth the drive there. After having seen a story about the Concorde and the “Concordski” on I had to see them again in real life.


And yes, the Russians have succeeded in not only building their Tupolev faster, but it also flies faster, is bigger, wider and more comfortable than the French and English one. It however also weighs more , and it guzzles 450L / Minute. Well, that’s almost 7 times more than my ‘babe’ needs for a month of ‘flying high’ .. pretty amazing.. while I do fly at a 5th of their speed on a daily basis.

After the flight back through the hills up here, including some nice corners, and a “why you should wear your seatbelt properly” lesson, we arrived at the stable just before sunset. As always, we got a warm welcome by our “little man”, now almost 9 months old and almost as tall as his mom. He could not stop following us. We found out quickly why. Also spring hit him. He is losing his hair “en masse” at the moment. Hands full of “hengstenwolle” (‘stallionswool’) are being collected by my jr. (to be picked out of pockets if I am quick enough to intercept, to be picked out of the washing machine if I’m too late).

And our little stallion must have learned a lesson. His mom kicked him away when he tried to jump on her (I have never seen his mom doing such a thing.)
He got a nasty look from his ‘aunt’ and he stopped walking to her. Only towards the alpha mare he had his ‘oh, come on, I’m faster than you are’ attitude and did not move aside when she tried to threaten him away. Then I noticed the previously known as alpha mare was shoveled aside by his ‘aunt’. hmm..
To us the little stallion was like the cutest little puppy one could imagine. No biting, no pushing, just a “scratch here please”, and if one would stop scratching, he would just walk backwards until his bum was under your hand. Not the thing one would like to train as said by Ian, however, he becomes very aware of what is behind him and approaching that with great care. Besides that, the gentle gesture he is asking for I appreciate much more than those pushy horses demanding attention.
The little stallion came even to jr. asking for more while I was putting hay and straw in the stable. They both got what they wanted without realising: One got a scratch and the idea that this ‘little creature’ could be rather helpful to him as it could scratch there where he could not reach, the other one got again more confidence. And I was the lucky witness of this nice thing happening.

It really brings one down to the things which are so easy to give and are so much appreciated by the other, and don’t cost a thing.

It’s something some people should consider much more while they swallow in their own life, trying to keep as much as possible for theirselves, to ‘get more’.
Keeping something for theirselves do cost them so much more than to give it away… :

Das Gesetz der Leere



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