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The first ride

in 2012 was due. With Jr and horse full of fresh energy and power that needed to be ‘let out’.

Just like a tire with overpressure, it was time to go for a 7km, 1 hour bikeride with Jr and horse.

The forest was full of beautiful roads; one better than the other, but

Horse was in doubt.. She wanted to go in a fast canter over that road, but I was only on my bike, and

With Jr already on the way back

She asked me again if we really really really could not go in the other direction and not take the road back

“Because.. Just look, that road there, that is just so nicely soft and straight, and I could go really really fast…”

Eventually she gave in and was convinced to go back, because our trip was already longer and further than that I had in mind.

That I was right was clear when we were on the last bit back, and we could follow Jr who was far ahead of us. With Jr in sight, horse & me could relax and we could enjoy the more than great sunset in front of us. The wind was low, the colors were warm and it seemed even the temperature was doable.
She trotted next to me on my bike and the line was almost scraping the ground. There was no discussion what speed we should go, we both found the golden line in between. I could warn her whenever there was a bit of water; and she got as much line as she asked to go around it. But she did not hesitate, she was with me. And so did she as well when we were in the picadero.

With the cooling down session we had a short break. When I kneeled next to her, to get her head down to stretch the muscles in the back I closed my eyes too.

And when I opened my eyes again, I looked in those big bright brown eyes. They were without the usual frown. They were bright, open, alert and with peace. Her eyes were about 5cm away from me, her neck was bent down and her head was next to me, her nose near my knee. She looked up a few times, alert to what could be around us, but then she dropped her head again and looked me in the eyes. She wanted to say me something, but I still need to learn what she tries telling me. I’ve got a good feeling I’m on the way forward though, if she has got the patience and peace to stand next to me like that.

It felt like finding back a good old friend and holding hands. I promised I will hold on and never let go. We are on this path together.



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