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Time Lapse Videos in your hand

This morning I installed Lapse It as recommended by the Android Market.

Having seen some of the difficulties one has got when doing this with webcam images or pictures (either getting malformed images or too big files), I was impressed with this neat little program. It is so easy to set it up and to start taking the timelapse pictures, and even configuring the rendering is rather easy.

For what I’ve seen so far, with the free version, I’ll go for the 1 picture every 2 seconds (at 240 pixels, the maximum the free version does), as well as 10 frames/second when rendering.
The full version (EU 1,55) will provide up to 720×1280 and a few other interesting options.

I must say that I am really impressed by the results, so I’m going to buy the full version and tweak some on the settings there. It’s great! :)

Here’s my first testrun, taken this afternoon with as I found out later, the too slow setting of 1 picture every 5 seconds ;)

“Lapse It testvideo: Driving under a golden sun”



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