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Google Plus Photography list overview

If you are interested in Photography, either making or watching pictures, google plus is the perfect platform.
You can follow photographers around the world, each with their own speciality, like underwater pictures from Alexander Safonov or – if you like it – natural HDR pictures from Zsolt Zsigmond

Some people have arranged “tag-groups” for pictures; in which you can participate with your picture. These are often down on a “per day” basis. When you want to join in, you’ve got to tag your picture and also mention the name of the curator. As there are quite a few of these lists, I thought it would be useful to collect these and write them down. At least, the ones I do like to follow:

* #MirrorMonday by +Gemma Costa, +Elizabeth Edwards & Jonny Scholes
* #MonochromeMonday by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen and +Bill Wood
* #MoodyMonday by +Philip Daly
* #MacroMonday by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden & +Kelli Seeger Kim

* #TreeTuesday by +Christina Lawrie
* #TransportTuesday by +Gene Bowker, +Joe Paul , +Mike Masin , +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley
* #BokehTuesday by +Bob Baxley
* #SeaTuesday by +Julia Anna Gospodarou
* #GrassTuesday by +Ray Bilcliff and +Marilou Aballe
* #Equine Tuesday by +Jillian Chilson


* #WindowWednesday by +Jason Kowing & +Jules Hunter
* #TravelPanoWednesday by +Rolf Hicker

And if you really don’t know what …
* #WhateverWednesday! by +Cicely Robin Laing


* #TravelThursday by +Laura Mitchum
* #SilhouettesOnThursday by +Siddharth Pandit
* #TheoreticalThursday by +Jason Dell


* #FidoFriday by +Wes Lum , +mel peifer & +Lisa Lisa
* #ForestFriday by +Rudolf Vl?ek
* #FoodFriday by +Lucretia Yeh, +Bobbi Lance & +Charles Lupica
* #FlowingWaterFriday by +Rolf Hicker & +Kate Church
* #FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner


* #SleepySaturday by +Andrea Martinez & +Gemma Costa
* #SnowySaturday by +John Fujimagari
* #UnsharpSaturday by +Nathan Beaulne
* #Caturday curated by +Lee Daniels and +Christophe Friedli


* #SkySunday by +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick Scherkenbach
* #ZenSunday by +Nathan Wirth, +Simon Kitcher, +Charlotte Therese Björnström
* #DawnOnSunday by +Ray Bilcliff & +Sherry McBriar
* #SpiderSunday by +Chris Mallory +Kimberly Hosey & +Kjetil Greger Pedersen
* #SweetSunday by +Michael Earley

Not enough? Even more (all?) links can be found here




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