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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Skies, sunrises, sunsets and clouds.

Yesterday morning’s fiery escape by the sun from the darkness, into a new day. And then we had these clouds this morning: what seems like undulating clouds, merged into hoofprints in the skies above us. It’s that time of the year where the skies are coloured in ways you’ll miss during other reasons. Especially with […]

The beginning of the end? USA Elections: comments & reactions

Just a random collection of comments & links I found today in my multimedia streams… OMG…..we are back in the 1930’s… ‘Shoot The B*tch!’ ‘Hang The N*gger!’: Unfiltered Rally Videos Show Trump’s America Wissen Sie noch: Der Abend vor dem Brexit? Als wir schlafen gingen und dachten: "Na ja, aber es gibt eine knappe Mehrheit […]