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Monthly Archives: October 2016

A new earthquake swarm around Darmstadt, October 2016

So this is what Darmstadt woke up to on October 15th 2016. Not one, but 2 earthquakes. The one in the morning was registered at 5.37 AM as an M2.4, the one in the evening at 18:08 was even an M2.9 , earning a place as 3rd strongest earthquake in Germany of 2016. A German […]

ExoMars about to set probe on Mars: timeline

It’s only a few days to go until the ExoMars mission’s satellite Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) will drop of it’s little probe Schiaparelli (EDM) onto the surface of Mars. Launched on the 14th March 2016 it took Exomars about 7 months to geto to Mars. And on the 16th of October, it will separate from […]

A big thank you to my blacksmith

Monday morning, 7 AM. It’s still dark when I wake up. Drive off way too early to the stable for the appointment I got for my 2 horses with the blacksmith. Or, actually, “hoof carer” as I prefer to call him. With his sarcastic comment, shortly after 7 AM when he arrived, I think that […]