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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Rosetta’s last days: Try not to cry…

How cute: #Rosetta shaped tissue box in for sad spaceflight controllers. #CometLanding (made by @me_too) — Andreas (@AndreasSchepers) September 29, 2016 But then … :/ Go watch “Ambition – Epilogue” : Some ‘behind the scenes’ from the Philae Lander and Rosetta Mission can be found here: ESA Rosetta cometlander Philae wakes up! Where did […]

German police with a sense of humor <3

Not long ago on twitter I saw another post from our local police. More speedchecks, fine, but what annoyed me is that their laserpointer looks more and more like a gun. And a gun is not a thing I like to have pointed at me these days, with all those headless chicken terror reports everywhere. […]

Happy music vs RundFuckGebühr

Sometimes I even wonder why I pay for the German Radio & TV here in Germany. Yes, it’s your “duty” being a German citizen. They can even take the money from your account if you refuse to pay. Maybe I should pay them in cash – like one stroppy (but oh so right) German decided […]