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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Moon & Envisat spotted in the skies above.

Tonight I tried another set of pictures – with the telescope as well as without from the ESA satellite/zombie Envisat. The moon almost didn’t fit into one single shot. Yesterday it was much easier to fetch the moon as less than 50% was lit. And today the former ESA satellite Envisat also came by. Not, […]

First moonshot from closeby

Having tried to take pictures from the moon in the past, I now got a real telescope to try with. And it is really not as easy as I thought. Finding the moon was already quite some work. And when you think you finally got the moon in sight and walk for a few minutes […]


Walking and playing with the dog (Australian Shepherd) – what a lovely animal :) Share:

Don’t forget the lucky peanuts.

AKA: Letter from NASA to ESA Rosetta’s for it’s wake up from hibernation. (credit: The tradition of the peanuts for JPL missions goes way back to the 1960s with the very first missions we sent to the moon. We had seven mission attempts to go to the moon before we succeeded, and on that […]

24 hours in the life of a flight animal, caged in a box.

05:30 Snoozing. My neighbour at the right stands up and shakes the dust off. Standing around. Short greeting, nose to nose through the metal bars. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. My neighbour at the left is still sleeping on his side. Standing around. It’s dark. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. She […]